Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tribute to Pops

All 13 grandkids in a video tribute to their Pops for his 70th:

Happy Birthday Pops. We love you!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Video: Visit to the Doctor

We visited the doctor yesterday and had a good report... though not without a little bit of worrying. Recently I (Rob) got the Canon 60D and I wanted to shoot some stuff and see what I could edit as fast as possible.
I love the Canon 60D!!!

Visit to the Doctor from Rob Thomas on Vimeo.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Got Bitten By A Zebra

Yes, I sure did. Yesterday we went to this awesome place in Glen Rose, TX called Fossil Rim. The zebras were really hungry so their noses were in our car looking for food. I was focused on taking pictures. . .

When I sat back, I was startled by a zebra looking directly at me from my window. I didn't have the right angle to get my hand flat, but tried to feed him anyway. Therefore, he had great access to my to my fingers (my fault). So glad it was me, and not any of the kiddos.

There were many deer-like animals, and Cobb and I liked to try to figure out which animal we were looking at/feeding.

Charly and I both thought the Emus and Ostriches were a little intimidating. We didn't feed those guys.

We also saw Giraffes. Unfortunately, they were full by the time we got there so they didn't come up to the car. Supposedly, they like to put their heads in sun roofs.

The rhinos and the cheetahs were behind fences, but still really cool to see.

We also loved the Aoudads (African Wild Sheep). They were so cute and hungry like the zebras. They would just stand there waiting for the next car to show up with food.

Below is a picture of my boys watching two rams wrestle. My boys love to wrestle so it was cool for them to watch:

And half way there was a place to get out, stretch, and eat lunch. The kids hammed it up at the petting zoo there:

And then Charly learned how to steer the car. She did a great job.

Cobb and Ridge tried too, but it didn't last too long.

We had planned to go to the Dinosaur Valley State Park nearby after Fossil Rim, but we were so tired. So the kids just took pictures in front of the dinosaurs at the entrance to Fossil Rim.

Great family day.