Saturday, January 23, 2010

Quote of the Day!

Cobb: Mom, do you think you could write the toothfairy a note to give me $150 for my next tooth? That way I could get Andre a Nintendo DS for his next birthday.

Me: um, Cobb, that's a really sweet gesture, but I'm not sure the toothfairy could carry that much money!

Cobb: Well, it's worth a try, right?

Friday, January 22, 2010

Quote of the Day!

"BUT MOMMY! If the poo poo goes down the potty, I'll lose all my super powers!"
when asked what super powers those would be. . .
"MOM! You know! Flying and fighting bad guys!"

Friday, January 15, 2010

Potty Talk

Ridge has kept me laughing all day. We've had some success, and lots of fun. The following are just a few of the MANY comments that Ridge made while sitting on the potty today. . .

"Don't be scared Tee Tee! come out!"

"I tink it's hiding."

"Oh! dat was a cool one!"

"Watch out! Here come de tee tee!"

"I try'n to shake it out"
he was wiggling his whole body & shaking his booty

"Uh, I wan de doo doo to come so I can get tree M&Ms!!!! frustrated. . .IT NOT COMING!!! excited. . . Oh it is!! with a disappointed sigh. . .No, it not."

"dere a hole. dat where de tee tee come out. Does the doo doo have a hole?"

"oh! I tooted! I did it again! Tree times!"

"I gonna get you cheerios! Get em tee tee!"

"dis de best day ever!"

Here's a pic of Ridge & our friend Parks. She stopped by to say hi. He was so excited to see her! He started showing off & dancing around in his underwear.

side story: Since Ridge and I have been in SUCH close proximity today, he noticed a scratch on my hand.
Ridge: oh no. What happen mommy?
Me: oh, I think I just got scratched.
Ridge: oh. Well, I not mad at you. I love you mommy. I just don't wan you to get scratch. ok?
Me: ok
Ridge: not again. Ok mommy!
Me: ok

Day 1 of Potty Training

This could be an adventure. We are armed with lots of salty snacks, applejuice, water bottle, and LOTS of Lightning McQueen and Mater underwear. Just last week Ridge and I had this conversation:

Me: I think you are going to start going on the potty real soon Ridge
Ridge: Um, Mommy? I really think we should wait.
Me: Oh really? Why?
Ridge: Well, see, I'm little. So, I think I might fall in or something.
Me: I'll make sure you don't fall in Ridge
Ridge: uh. I think we should wait or something

So this whole week we talked about how Friday was the day! Our first attempt:
Me: Okay Ridge, it's time!
Ridge: No. Mommy, I WILL fall in!
Me: I'll help you Ridge
Ridge: I want daddy!!!!!
Charly: Daddy's just going to say the same thing! then daddy arrives behind Ridge
Me: Ridge, this is how it's going to go. We'll try every time the timer goes off. When you go you get an m&m. Isn't that exciting? You wont' fall in I promise.
Ridge: I scared
Me: okay, I know. Guess what else we can do? I can put marshmellows in the potty & you can shoot them. won't that be fun?
Ridge: Yes. . . thinks a moment. . .OH MOM! that would be silly cause they would get pee pee on them. Then I won't eat them.
Me: I don't think I'd let you eat them once they touched the potty. We could eat new ones.
Ridge: Ok.

He has now sat on the potty, fears set aside (at least after a big show at first), and tried three times. There have been no accidents so far, yet no sign of anything in the potty either. It's been 2 hours. Pray for me today!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Chris Colfer tweets about my kids!

We are HUGE fans of Glee, and we let our kiddos see the songs performed. They have fallen in love with the songs & sing them all the time(usually with the motions). After the pilot show, Rob made a video for my birthday of the kids singing the Glee version of "Don't Stop Believing." Well, Chris Colfer (Kurt) from the cast of Glee just tweeted about our kids and that video! We were all so excited that someone from the cast saw it!

click on his tweet to see his Twitter page
Click here to see the video on youtube
Click here to see my past blog about it

Saturday, January 02, 2010

New Years with the Fifers

We spent New Years relaxing at with the Fifers at their lakehouse. Lots of reading, talking, eating, movies, games, etc. . . We relaxed so much we barely took any pictures. Sarah took these: