Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Videos by Igniter!

Here are two Easter mini-movies from Igniter Media (my kids made the cut for both!) One is Easter moment that we filmed back in February, and the other is a new release called "Come Awake."

Have a Happy Easter!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Charly!!!

I just had to post another picture of my girl. (This is Rob)
I love this picture.

Happy Birthday Beautiful!

I can't believe the precious baby girl above has grown up to be such a beautiful and sweet five old! And now that sweet bunny still sleeps in your bed, but it looks so small next to you while you sleep. I confess, I sometimes go in your room at night just to see you soundly sleeping, pray for my sweet girl, and soak in the fact that God has given me you.

Charly, you are God's little princess, and I am honored that He chose me to be your mommy. I pray as you grow, that you will be continually drawn towards your perfect Father in Heaven, and that he will mold your heart to be more and more like His, overflowing with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. I also pray that you will use your many talents to glorify Him who created you.

You are such a great little artist. I love to watch you paint and color and create. I am awed by what you are able to do. You are also so gifted in the ability to put colors together, both in fashion and on paper. Will you be a designer one day?

You are a great singer. I love to hear your voice echo through the car or the house. You have a wonderful memory for lyrics, and a great sense of rhythm and tone. I especially love when you sing with your daddy at the piano. I wish you would allow me to record it more.

You are a great climber! You have no problem keeping up with your brothers in their adventures, and I'm so proud of you for your perseverance. You always seem to have this joy about you when you are outside climbing around in trees or the fort.

You are loving and kind. You are a leader and a loyal friend. It melts my heart to watch you as your lead your younger brother with kindness, and it is so sweet to watch you with your friends. You have strong opinions, and I see you working hard to try to put others before yourself. I'm proud of you.

Lastly, you are truly beautiful. A little princess with a smile that is contagious. Thanks for being you. I thank God for you daily, and I look forward to year five!

Happy Birthday Charly! I love you so so much!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hanging with the Mannequins

Charly, Ridge & I went to Old Navy today. It was an adventure, and my kids had a blast hanging with the mannequins. They are natural posers:

And as I was paying, Charly & Ridge danced on the bench.

They were cracking me up, and thankfully, the store wasn't crowded.

Cousin Time!

Our first adventure of Spring Break was bringing our Houston cousins (my sister's boys: Abran & James) to our house for an extended sleepover. We loved having them. They got to stay Sunday through Tuesday. The kids played so well together, and the weather was beautiful. We spent a lot of time outside, mostly dressed up in super hero gear:

The tough boys:

We also had lots of climbing & jumping around:

Here's Abran and Charly playing a game one morning:

James and Ridge attempting Battleship:

Monday we went to Chic Fil A for lunch then headed down to Nana's house to play with the other cousins (Rob's side).

On the tramp with the other boy cousins (playing swords of course):

Abran, Rhody, & James:

Abran & Lainey:

It was such a treat for my kids to have cousins from mommy's side and daddy's side all together.

Tuesday morning we had a "made to order" breakfast. Charly & Ridge had oatmeal, James had frosted mini wheats with no milk, Abran had a bird in the nest (egg in toast), and Cobb had a bagel with cream cheese. They were all happy so mommy was too!

We met my sister in Buffalo on Tuesday evening for dinner. It was sad to say goodbye, but we'll see them soon.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

So Much to Blog

Yet so little time at the moment. . . We are having too much fun, so stay tuned. There is much to come. I'll leave you with this:

Ridge: Mommy, you be sad if I go out dat fence? If I go so far away?

I nod my head

Ridge: Ok den. don't worry. I stay here with you. I don wan you to be sad. I love you mommy. You a good mommy.

And that's why all this spring break adventure is worth it. The joy of just being with my kids is indescribable.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Baseball Game #2

Cobb had a great time at his game this past Saturday.

He got a hit!!

And walked off proudly after sliding home.

He had lots of surprise visitors watching too!
The Parker Family:

Nana & Pops & the Richardsons:

The cousins had spent most of the game sliding down the grass hill in our box:

And then we all went to lunch at J.C's Burgers:

Fun times & a great start to our Spring Break Week!!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Baseball Begins!!

Cobb had his first baseball game this past Saturday. He is very excited about it, and loves his new team. He's playing with fellow Norton Kindergartners so that makes it even more fun.

Here he is talking to his cousin Rhody. Pops came up to watch the game, and brought Rhody (major fan of baseball!) to watch the game.

Ridge started having a rough time at the game. . .

But the iphone helped so we could watch the game. . .

Rob was helping coach out on the field (that batter is not Cobb)

This is Cobb:

He did great.
Charly spent a lot of the game sliding down a hill in a box.

And Ridge ran down my iphone battery. . .

Looking forward to a great season!

Monday, March 08, 2010

Just warms my heart. . .

This morning I listened to this conversation between Charly and Ridge at the breakfast table:
Me: Ridge, did you know that Bennett is coming over to play today?
Ridge: oh! Is he going to play with my toys?
Me: Yes, you can share with him.
Ridge: Okay
Charly: You can play with my toys too.
Ridge: oh, okay
Charly: Bennett can too. You both can play with my toys. And in my room if you want.
Ridge: okay. . . So I can play in your room and you at school?
Charly: Yes, but try not to break anything okay?
Ridge: Okay. I be careful. And Bennett be careful too
Charly: Well, it's okay if you break something. Just tell mommy so she can fix it. Okay?
Ridge: Okay

It just warms my heart when I hear Charly being so sweet to her brother. This whole morning was pretty amazing. She had the greatest attitude about everything: clothes, breakfast, and even the horrible lunch I packed for school (I haven't gone to the store). I wish we could bottle this attitude and give ourselves (me included) a dose every day!!

Ellie is Here!

My sister Caroline and her husband Nick just had their first baby on Saturday morning! Her name is Eleanor Jane Smith, and they are going to call her Ellie. She is precious, and such a sweet gift from the Lord! I'm so so excited for them, and I can't wait to meet her in April. You can check their blog at Smither Stories.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

"Big" is still Little

Today I realized how little my "big" boy is. Well, there have been many other days that I have realized this, but today, as I watched Cobb walk into school surrounded by all those "real big" kids, it hit me. My "big" boy is still so little. I don't know if I'm making much sense, but there will be a time where he doesn't want big hugs from his mommy. There will be a time where he won't cry to me because of the unfairness of Charly not allowing him to color on her special coloring book. There will be a time when mommy's kiss or hug won't really do the trick. There will be a time where he may come to me with bigger hurts and sorrows, to which maybe neither mommy nor daddy knows the answer. It's our job to prepare his "little" heart for these times; these times that are fast approaching. It's our job to direct him towards the one who can comfort him in all his needs. It's our job to show him the secure love that comes from the Lord alone.

This job of ours seems daunting at first, but then I am so thankful that our heavenly Father really loves Cobb(and Charly & Ridge) more than either of us could ever imagine, and that our kids are children of the sovereign and perfect Lord. Can I learn to hold my kids with an open hand so that the Lord can take care of them without my need for control getting in the way? Can I learn to trust the Lord with these children of mine? And can I humble myself so that they can watch as the Lord shepherds me to be more like Christ? My kids will learn that secure love much more from my actions, and much less from words. John 3:30 says, "He must become greater; I must become less." Lord, help me to become less so my children see YOU and not me!!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

You are NOT welcome

I told Mr. Strep he was not welcome back in our house. I'm pretty sure he turned a deaf ear to my request because he now has Ridge & I back under his influence.

Ridge: we going to your doctor mommy?
Me: yes
Ridge: I like doctors, but I don't like those shot things
Me: you don't like shots? Me neither!
Ridge: Yea. They got some fire in dem dat goes swoooosh! Oh and dey got some water that goes whooooosh. Den I go, ahhhhhhhhh.
Me: uh huh
Ridge: you ok mommy?
Me: yes
Ridge: need me to hold you at the doctor?
Me: Sure babe. You can help me be brave.
Ridge: I do dat. Den I don't have to go to my doctor right??
Me: Well, we will still have to go to your doctor too. I'll hold you when we go to yours, and you can hold me right now as we go to mine. Ok?
Ridge: uh. . . I don't like doctors anymore. We don't need to go. It'll be ok. I not sick (as he coughs and soon complains of his boogers & throat hurting).

AND, (drum roll please)the docs say that both of us test positive for strep. Charly has an appt set for tomorrow.