Monday, June 28, 2010

Conversations with Ridge

So I haven't written a convo lately, but this one might top the charts. I was changing him after his bath into his pjs and this is what he said,

So mommy. You know that the doo doo was frustrated because the tee tee hit him. But the diarrhea said it was just an accident. So they all decided it was okay to come out.

I had no response to that except laugher.

Earlier in the day he told me that when he turned 7 he would start using the potty. I told him again that we will start VERY soon. His response:

But mommy, I still just a little 3. Little 3s don't need to use the potty. They wear diapers.

FYI: Our dog had the tummy bug last night so I think it got Ridge thinking about bodily fluids.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What fun is a blog without Pics?

I've delayed updating our blog because my computer is maxed out on space at the moment, and this, unfortunately, prevents me from downloading my pictures. What fun is a blog without pics?

But here's a quick update of what's to come, because we have had many exciting adventures in June. We've gone to Estes Park, Co with our church for family camp. I think I can get two or three entries for that! And then we went to Tyler to visit our newest niece Ellie. But again, I will wait til I have illustrations for these.

Check out Superhero Ridge and his friend Superhero Bennett on Stacey's blog

And between our travels this June we've been taking swimming lessons. Ridge had his first day of NOT crying today. It was so very exciting. Charly is gaining confidence every day, and she is turning into a little fish. Cobb is finally realizing that he actually doesn't know all there is to know about swimming, and that he could really benefit from swimming lessons. (I think Ridge encouraged Cobb's pride because he told the teacher that Cobb has super powers).

As soon as I get more room on my computer, pictures will be posted. Stay tuned!