Sunday, May 30, 2010


Early May, my kids got to see a rainbow close up. It was the coolest thing. We could see the beginning and end right in the sky above our house. Sweet, sweet reminder of God's love for us. It was a gift for us to see!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mother's Day

After church and lunch with Rob's family, I got to have a date with my precious daughter Charly. We went for chocolate shakes and then to a nail salon for pedicures!

She was so cute and helped me pick out my color.

That was a great gift! And then the day ended with a fun date with my hubby! We walked around the Village area in North Allen, stopped at the new Gold Cinema to check out the theaters. . .

then off to dinner. Loved it, and felt very appreciated.

Hanging on the Green

Watters Creek has live music Th-Sat. So on Friday of Mother's Day weekend we went with the Womacks and Parkers, hung on the green, ate pizza, and watched our kids dance. Great time!

Ridge being tossed in the air to "Jump:"

Enjoying her ice cream:

Cobb jumping around on the rocks before he fell in and got soaked:

Cobb in front of the band:

He looks like he was yelling at the band. He was really doing a dance move.
Ridge copied his brother:

Walking home:

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Super Heroes vs. Dr. Doom

Cobb's had an assignment for class to write a book. Cobb chose to write a fiction book about Super Heroes. He set up the scenes for the pictures, and he wrote the story start to finish. Here he is reading it proudly to his class(he got lots of laughs):

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New Memorial Day Video from Igniter!

Thanks to all who have served!!!

*This video has the voices of Charly, my niece Catie, and my niece Elle! It also features home video of Missy(Rob's sister) when she was little. Rob and I weren't in the room when Charly was doing her voice over, but I think she did great! Thanks Trent & David for helping her out!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Charly Graduates!

Charly graduated from preschool Thursday, May 20, 2010!!!

Here's a little video of it. . .

Here she is with friends right before they walked down the aisle.

And walking shyly. . .

With her teachers afterwards:

And the rest of her fan club. . .

Her friend Heidi:

I asked her where she wanted to go and celebrate, and she said Starbucks.

That's my girl! I can't believe she's going to go to Kindergarten next year!!

May 20th was Ridge's last day of school too. Although he loved his teachers, Mrs. Stephanie & Mrs. Regan...

And his classmates. . .

He was thrilled that school was over!

"So now I get to go to Kindergarten too mommy??"

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Say It Isn't So!!

Ridge: Don't kiss me!

Me: Why?

Ridge: Mommy, you can't kiss me anymore because I all growed up.

Me: But I love giving you kisses!

Ridge: I don't need kisses anymore.

Me: But I think I still need your kisses. Is that okay?

Ridge: Well. . . be brave mommy. When we are outside, no kisses. But maybe when we are inside, I can give you kisses. Okay? that better??

Me: I'll settle for that. I might forget though.

Ridge: That will be okay.

PS. I have a bunch of blogs in the queue! Stay tuned. May has not given me much time to write. . .

Does Time Out Even Work For You???

Ridge: Uh. Mommy, you need to put me in time out.

Me: Why?

Ridge: Uh...(sheepish grin) because I just ate all those crackers
you told me not to eat.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Brain Feels Like Coffee

So we pull up to Starbucks...

Cobb: Uh, I saw Starbucks, and my brain feels like coffee!

Rob:  hmmm.  What does that feel like?
Cobb:   Like sugar?    Like hot sugar.   Yea, that's it, hot sugar!
Rob:  oh.
Cobb:   But now it it's fine.
Rob:   Oh good.  Glad to hear that.

We pull up to get the coffee...
Cobb:   Oh now it's in my leg!!
Rob:   Is that good or bad?
Cobb:   Bad.   You know, it's hot like coffee!

Cobb:   Oops.    Sorry Dad.   I burped on you.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Service Day

On May 2nd, our church took a day off to serve, providing 250 man hours of labor all over our city. The purpose? To show Christ's love in a tangible way.

When we arrived, the parking lot was full of school buses ready to take our members all over the city. Our bus took us to L.G. Pinkston Highschool in West Dallas. Cobb, Rob, and I worked with a group of parents with mostly kindergarten boys. We scrubbed the desks, floors, windows, and lockers. We also wiped down the chalkboards, and left a gift on each teacher's desk so they could feel appreciated Monday morning. Other crews did the bathrooms, teachers lounges, other classrooms, etc. . .

The boys worked really hard. They got a little "spray happy" at times, but it was a joy to see them serving and praying with us for those who attend Pinkston High School. The boys when we were done:

Two of the boys from Cobb's class at church:

The Dishmans, a family in our community group:

The day was so well organized with supplies provided by the church already at all of the sites. Other churches joined us this year calling the weekend "Go and Be." There were 25,000 people loaded in school buses to work hard being the hands and feet of Christ. The cool thing is that every place that Watermark served that day is also being served year round by members of our church. There are so many opportunities to love others in Dallas. Click here to see a few ways you can help too! Or click here to read the Watermark service blog.

I am of course speaking to myself when I say to look at the opportunities out there. Even as a family with 3 young kids, there is a lot that we can do. My hope is that we will "go and be" much more often.

John 13:34-35 "Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another."

Ephesians 4:2 "Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love."

Friday, May 14, 2010


Can a three year old fake his way out of school? I think I got my answer today. I dropped Ridge off, and we had our usual conversation about how he didn't want to go to school that day. (He loves it when he gets there usually). So after many attempts to to persuade mommy to keep him home, he started in with the "I think my tummy hurts" bit. So I told him that if he really started feeling bad the teachers could call me. And I told the teachers as well.

Well, they did. . . "Mrs. Thomas, could you please come pick up Ridge? He's in the bathroom throwing up."

"Really??" I was in the middle of co-leading a talk on "how to survive Estes Park family camp with young kids" at our church in Dallas. Thankfully, it was almost over, so I just picked up and left to get to Ridge in North Allen. That felt like the LONGEST drive knowing my baby was feeling miserable.

Upon arriving at the school, I see Ridge slumped in a chair at the front desk. He sees me, stands up, and runs to me. The front desk tells me that he didn't really throw up, but just stood in front of the toilet "trying" to. I'm relieved that he is not as bad off as I thought. And then I notice he is smiling hugely from ear to ear, all comfy in my arms. It's the smirk he has when he gets what he wants. hmmmm

They say, "Feel better Ridge!"
He says, "Oh, I'm all better now!"

We go outside, he gets down from my arms, and runs to the car. Then he says, "Mommy, can I have some chips when we get home?"
I say, "Ridge, don't you feel sick?"
He says, "Oh no, I not sick!"
I question, "Why did you tell your teachers you were going to throw up?"
He says, "Cause I want to go home."

He's hungry, doesn't want to take a nap, wants to play, no fever, claims that he is not sick, AND is acting his usual funny self.

"Okay Ridge. . . really, stop being silly. We've got to take a nap because you said you were sick. And then when you wake up, we are going to the doctor."
Ridge says, "But I NOT sick!"
I respond, "I'm sorry bud, that's a consequence for pretending. Mommy has to act like it's real. Will you show me how you pretended to be sick?"

And this is what I got. . .

Good actor?

Surprisingly, he did test positive for Strep on the rapid strep test. BUT, the doctor says he has no symptoms (throat, glands, tummy, ears, & nose are all perfectly fine, and there is no fever or fatigue). The doc said he might just be a carrier where the strep isn't going to make him sick, and he said we could just go about life until symptoms show up. Not sure what that means. I started him on the antibiotic anyway. (He's had strep before, and unlike now, it affected Ridge big time!)

Today, he and Charly are running around outside in the rain playing and sliding into a pool. This was all Charly's idea. I don't know what Ridge is going to do without her everyday next year when she goes to Kn!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Video from Charly's birthday party

Once again, I (Rob) tried to shoot some stuff with the Canon 7D. I think some of it turned out pretty well, but overall, I am a novice with this camera.

Cowgirl Birthday Party from Rob Thomas on Vimeo.