Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Video from Charly's birthday party

Once again, I (Rob) tried to shoot some stuff with the Canon 7D. I think some of it turned out pretty well, but overall, I am a novice with this camera.

Cowgirl Birthday Party from Rob Thomas on Vimeo.


Haley said...

Thanks Rob for the great video! Charly looks like she's having fun. I looked a little serious during the cake part! I think I was counting heads for chocolate vs. vanilla??

Caroline Cobb Smith said...

yes, hale, you looked super serious :) i love that camera, rob! maybe you can film ellie sometime for us :) it's just so cool.

SarahFifer said...

Love it Rob. I would like to hire you to come film our girls. And when I say hire, I mean buy you dinner or something :0) Glad you are loving the new camera!!