Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Brain Feels Like Coffee

So we pull up to Starbucks...

Cobb: Uh, I saw Starbucks, and my brain feels like coffee!

Rob:  hmmm.  What does that feel like?
Cobb:   Like sugar?    Like hot sugar.   Yea, that's it, hot sugar!
Rob:  oh.
Cobb:   But now it it's fine.
Rob:   Oh good.  Glad to hear that.

We pull up to get the coffee...
Cobb:   Oh now it's in my leg!!
Rob:   Is that good or bad?
Cobb:   Bad.   You know, it's hot like coffee!

Cobb:   Oops.    Sorry Dad.   I burped on you.

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Alyssa has Pink Antlers said...

I especially like that last part...