Friday, May 14, 2010


Can a three year old fake his way out of school? I think I got my answer today. I dropped Ridge off, and we had our usual conversation about how he didn't want to go to school that day. (He loves it when he gets there usually). So after many attempts to to persuade mommy to keep him home, he started in with the "I think my tummy hurts" bit. So I told him that if he really started feeling bad the teachers could call me. And I told the teachers as well.

Well, they did. . . "Mrs. Thomas, could you please come pick up Ridge? He's in the bathroom throwing up."

"Really??" I was in the middle of co-leading a talk on "how to survive Estes Park family camp with young kids" at our church in Dallas. Thankfully, it was almost over, so I just picked up and left to get to Ridge in North Allen. That felt like the LONGEST drive knowing my baby was feeling miserable.

Upon arriving at the school, I see Ridge slumped in a chair at the front desk. He sees me, stands up, and runs to me. The front desk tells me that he didn't really throw up, but just stood in front of the toilet "trying" to. I'm relieved that he is not as bad off as I thought. And then I notice he is smiling hugely from ear to ear, all comfy in my arms. It's the smirk he has when he gets what he wants. hmmmm

They say, "Feel better Ridge!"
He says, "Oh, I'm all better now!"

We go outside, he gets down from my arms, and runs to the car. Then he says, "Mommy, can I have some chips when we get home?"
I say, "Ridge, don't you feel sick?"
He says, "Oh no, I not sick!"
I question, "Why did you tell your teachers you were going to throw up?"
He says, "Cause I want to go home."

He's hungry, doesn't want to take a nap, wants to play, no fever, claims that he is not sick, AND is acting his usual funny self.

"Okay Ridge. . . really, stop being silly. We've got to take a nap because you said you were sick. And then when you wake up, we are going to the doctor."
Ridge says, "But I NOT sick!"
I respond, "I'm sorry bud, that's a consequence for pretending. Mommy has to act like it's real. Will you show me how you pretended to be sick?"

And this is what I got. . .

Good actor?

Surprisingly, he did test positive for Strep on the rapid strep test. BUT, the doctor says he has no symptoms (throat, glands, tummy, ears, & nose are all perfectly fine, and there is no fever or fatigue). The doc said he might just be a carrier where the strep isn't going to make him sick, and he said we could just go about life until symptoms show up. Not sure what that means. I started him on the antibiotic anyway. (He's had strep before, and unlike now, it affected Ridge big time!)

Today, he and Charly are running around outside in the rain playing and sliding into a pool. This was all Charly's idea. I don't know what Ridge is going to do without her everyday next year when she goes to Kn!

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