Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cobb & T-ball

Here's a short video of Cobb's T-Ball highlights so far.

**Since it is cut off a bit, click here to view it on youtube.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Please Excuse My Blunt Children!

I love how children say exactly what they are thinking even if it's not exactly accurate or polite. We are working on only saying encouraging things, but there's a learning curve. Right now it comes across funny.

So yesterday, I went to the gym to swim laps. As Ridge, Charly, & I were walking out to go home, a woman dressed in a jog bra & biker shorts walked out in front of us. Ridge points to the woman and shouts at the top of his voice for everyone to hear, "Mommy! She naked!!" I buried my face in the back of my two year old to keep from laughing from embarrassment. Thankfully, the woman didn't turn around and acknowledge my son's comment. I'm hoping she didn't hear him. What are the chances?

And just the day before, my sweet, observant Charly asked a friend of mine why she has a gold tooth. My friend really doesn't have a gold tooth. She actually has a beautiful smile. So that was embarrassing, and I'm praying my friend isn't offended. Then shortly after, Charly tells her, "you have big teeth!" I'm not so sure what the fascination was with teeth, but we launched into a whole conversation about how mommy's teeth & Charly's teeth were big, but Cobb's were small like Daddy's. Ridge wouldn't open his mouth all the way for her to judge his teeth. Lucky him!

Gotta love those kids!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Quotes & Singing from Ridge


Me: Hi Ridge!
Ridge: Mommy, You pincess!
Me: Oh thank you Ridge!
Ridge: Daddy a boy!


Do you have a runny nose?
Ridge: no, not running! It just go down!


Rob & I are outside pulling weeds when Cobb & Charly run outside saying, "Ridge is eating dog food! Come quick!" So I go inside.
Me: Ridge don't eat the dog food!
Ridge: I NOT! I feed Mully!
Me: Ridge, don't eat the dog food
Ridge tilts his head & smiles at me to expose the dog food in his mouth

The kids are in the car & I run back in for something. When I come out, Ridge is at the steering wheel pushing every button he can find.
Me: Ridge, what are you doing
Ridge: I driving
Me: go get in your seat
Ridge: But I driving!


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mommy, You Mess Up a Lot!

This is what Cobb told me the other day in the car. I guess I should start at the beginning.

When attempting to leave our house, I usually have the kids get in the car as I'm gathering everything that needs to be in the car. We were late(my fault), and Charly was being as slow as molasses. She kept getting distracted, needed her purse, forgot to go potty, changed her shoes, and wanted some water. After attempting to be sweet on the 5th time of asking her, I lost my temper. UGHHH! I hate it when I do that. Raising my voice NEVER helps the situation. She started crying so I had to place her in the car myself & buckle her. After taking a breath, I asked her to forgive me for yelling. She did, and then she asked me to forgive her for not obeying right away. So we were all good, but then, from the back of the car I hear Cobb say, "Mommy, you mess up a lot."

Me: Yes, I know. I really do.
Cobb: Yeah, you really need to work on it.
Me: That's true Cobb. Will you forgive me for yelling at your sister?
Cobb: Yes.
Me: Could you pray for me that I will have more patience?
Cobb: Yes 'cause you really need to work on it.

Humility at it's finest. . . being called out by your five year old. Good times. :)

Family T-Ball

Tuesday evening we went to Wallace Elementary(across the street from Martha & Bob) & played T-Ball with the family. Ridge, Bo, & Jack were so cute together, and it was fun to watch them run the bases (or not). Sam, Rhody & Cobb got some great practice & the girls hung out.

Rhody up to bat with Blair & Sam on Third:

Missy & Lainey watching the action:

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Planting & Pics

I was excited to get out in my yard and plant some flowers over Easter weekend. I have had a huge hole in my landscaping right where my little helpers are digging. They enjoyed getting all dirty, and I did too actually. Even though I am a novice in gardening(clueless really), there was something about digging in dirt on a pretty day that made me smile :)

So here's the finished product:

This past Sunday we took some pictures of our kids in the outfits my mom bought. It's pretty hard to get a good one of all three, but here's the best one:

And some individual shots (excuse the drool on Ridge's):

And I just loved this profile shot of my girl:

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

T-Ball Time

Cobb had his first T-ball game on April 4th when Charly, Ridge & I were in Houston(see Catch Up Post). Rob said Cobb did a great job! He caught a ball & even got someone out! I was able to watch his second game, and it was so fun to see him play. He and another little boy ran from outfield all the way to the ball (usually around the pitcher's mound) every time. So cute. And he looks so grown up and handsome in his uniform. How can I make my kids stop growing????

Here's my goofy boy. . .

The coach is great, and the teammates are sweet boys. Here's a team meeting, and guess who's got his hand up!

Ridge and Charly both have playmates at the practices & games. Bella (one of Charly's good friends) is there for her brother Keeten, and Cruse (a new friend for Ridge) is there for his brother Cade. Here's Cruse & Ridge. They are both BIG fans of Disney's Cars.

And here's Charly & Bella:

Well, you can't really see them b/c they are under the blanket. It was windy & freezing that day!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter Celebrations

After church, we went to Nana & Pop's house for lunch and an Easter egg hunt. The kids had such a great time being with their cousins & second cousins. Rob's whole family was there along with his cousin Ben's family (sans Ben who had the flu) and his cousin Will's family. This equals LOTS of kids:

Below are all the Thomas grandkids with their Nana & Pops. Martha bought them all coordinating outfits. Don't they look cute!

Ridge and his cousin Bo:

Ridge & Elle:

Ridge was fascinated with his cousin Elle. He kept saying, "she hold me" and pointing to her. Sweet Elle was such a good sport & hung out with him most of the time. He was in heaven as you can see from the above picture.

Our three precious kiddos:

We were not doing a purposeful "funny" pic, but many turned out that way:

Charly loved her Easter dress so much that she refused to take it off when we got home. She wore it all day, and then, as she changed into her nightgown, she asked if she could wear it to school the next day. I agreed, and she seemed satisfied. Bedtime routine occured as normal, & all the kids were down by 8. Around 10 p.m., Rob & I were about to go to bed so I did a last check upstairs. This is what I found in Charly's room:

Yep, you guessed it. She wore her Easter dress for 32 hours.

Cobb and Charly both had Easter parties at their school. Charly's teacher planned some really fun activities. Unfortunately, I have no pics. Cobb made resurrection eggs during his class party at school. Basically each egg represents part of the story from Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem to his Resurrection.

Just in case you are curious, here's what each egg represented:
#1 –Donkey (strip of fur) – Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem (Mark 11:7-9)
#2 – Coin – Judas’ blood money (Matthew 26:14)
#3 – Cup – The Last Supper (Mark 14:23-24)
#4 – Praying Hands –Garden of Gethsemane(Mark 14:32)
#5 – Leather strip – Jesus’ trial and lashes(Matthew 27:26)
#6 – Cross – Jesus’ carrying his cross(John 19:17)
# 7 – Nails – Jesus’ crucifixion(Matthew 27:31)
# 8 – Die – Casting of lots for Jesus’ clothes (Mark 15:24)
# 9 – Spear – Roman soldiers piercing His side (John 19:31)
# 10 – Gauze – Wrapped His body in (Matthew 27:59)
# 11 – Stone – The stone that had been rolled away (Mark 16:4)
# 12 – Empty tomb – Jesus’ resurrection(Matthew 28:5)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Catch Up Post--Events

LOTS has happened so here we go:
On March 23rd, Ridge went to his best friend Bennett's birthday party. We love our little Bennett. Here's one pic, but go here to see all the fun pics Stacey took and to hear more about the party.

Rob had his release party for Igniter Media's Volume 7. It was really fun, and of course I was so proud of Rob and his incredible team. The team has definitely grown, and there are so many talented people! They are a real blessing from the Lord.

Between dropping Cobb off at school & the release party, we played at Martha & Bob's house and had a picnic on her floor.

I had Bo, Bennett, Ridge, Charly, & Liza Dishman so my car was full on the way to the party. I loved it!

Cute kids. Wish I could claim them all as mine, but I think a set of twins & triplets would be a difficult combo to have on a daily basis :)

MARCH 26th: Open House KidCare (and Charly's real birthday--see Celebrating Charly)
Nana, Pops, Nic, Blair, Jack, & Sam joined us in watching Charly & Cobb perform in their preschool's Spring Sing & Open House. There were so many kids, but it was a really cute performance. Cobb really got into it! Charly sang, but lacked the enthusiasm she usually shows at home & in the car.

Here's a closer view (Where's Waldo??) Cobb's in the top right and Charly is in the lower left:

Ridge really paid attention!

Sweet cousins Sam & Charly after the show:

And Cobb showing us his stuff in the classroom:

MARCH 27th
My sister Caroline came to visit. Somehow i don't have any pics of that, but it was really nice to be able to chill with her. She was here for Charly's birthday party then had to leave on the 31st.

Caroline returned & we headed to Houston the next day with Ridge, Charly to celebrate my Dad's birthday. Rob & Cobb had a guys weekend at home so he wouldn't miss his first t-ball game (post coming soon). We had a great time seeing family & hanging out. The kids got to see their cousins Abran & Jameson. My mom got Charly an adorable dress & the boys' matching shirts.

Jameson & Ridge

Abran & Charly

Not the best of all 4, but it will have to do.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Acorn Soup

My friend Danna just opened up a new website for her art & design shop. She's really talented! Her stuff would be perfect for baby gifts or birthday gifts or just sprucing up your decor in kids' rooms. Anyway, check out her store at She said she's going to be adding more of her designs so keep going back!

Celebrating Charly

My baby girl turned four on March 26th! I can't believe how fast these four years have gone.

She's a little girl who goes on dates with her daddy, sings continually, laughs out load at silly things, and at times thinks she's the boss of the family (key word is "thinks"). She is precious and the Lord created her with such a unique and fun personality. She brings so much life to our family with her passion, opinions, laughter, and charisma. I love my Char Char. I asked her not to grow up anymore, and she said, "Sorry mom. I have to." At least she apologized.

She had several celebrations for her birthday. We brought cupcakes to school. . .

She went on a date with Daddy to American Girl. . .

We celebrated on the night of her birthday with just our family. The boys gave her a tinkerbell & the Tinkerbell movie. Rob gave her two dresses which she absolutely LOVED! I gave her a little tea set because she has shown interest lately in have tea parties with mommy.

Then she had a party with her friends & cousins at the Metroplex Gymnastics Place here in Allen. She's the one upside down in the first pic.

Looking forward to seeing how she continues to grow in beauty, inside & out.