Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mommy, You Mess Up a Lot!

This is what Cobb told me the other day in the car. I guess I should start at the beginning.

When attempting to leave our house, I usually have the kids get in the car as I'm gathering everything that needs to be in the car. We were late(my fault), and Charly was being as slow as molasses. She kept getting distracted, needed her purse, forgot to go potty, changed her shoes, and wanted some water. After attempting to be sweet on the 5th time of asking her, I lost my temper. UGHHH! I hate it when I do that. Raising my voice NEVER helps the situation. She started crying so I had to place her in the car myself & buckle her. After taking a breath, I asked her to forgive me for yelling. She did, and then she asked me to forgive her for not obeying right away. So we were all good, but then, from the back of the car I hear Cobb say, "Mommy, you mess up a lot."

Me: Yes, I know. I really do.
Cobb: Yeah, you really need to work on it.
Me: That's true Cobb. Will you forgive me for yelling at your sister?
Cobb: Yes.
Me: Could you pray for me that I will have more patience?
Cobb: Yes 'cause you really need to work on it.

Humility at it's finest. . . being called out by your five year old. Good times. :)


Brian Gallimore said...

wow, that is too funny! and excellent!

Merritt said...

That is hilarious!! You are clearly demonstrating biblical conflict resolution and your children will be blessed for it later...when they mess up a lot! :) thanks for sharing.

Stacey said...

Love this story! Cobb rocks. And you are a fabulous mommy!