Sunday, April 19, 2009

Catch Up Post--Events

LOTS has happened so here we go:
On March 23rd, Ridge went to his best friend Bennett's birthday party. We love our little Bennett. Here's one pic, but go here to see all the fun pics Stacey took and to hear more about the party.

Rob had his release party for Igniter Media's Volume 7. It was really fun, and of course I was so proud of Rob and his incredible team. The team has definitely grown, and there are so many talented people! They are a real blessing from the Lord.

Between dropping Cobb off at school & the release party, we played at Martha & Bob's house and had a picnic on her floor.

I had Bo, Bennett, Ridge, Charly, & Liza Dishman so my car was full on the way to the party. I loved it!

Cute kids. Wish I could claim them all as mine, but I think a set of twins & triplets would be a difficult combo to have on a daily basis :)

MARCH 26th: Open House KidCare (and Charly's real birthday--see Celebrating Charly)
Nana, Pops, Nic, Blair, Jack, & Sam joined us in watching Charly & Cobb perform in their preschool's Spring Sing & Open House. There were so many kids, but it was a really cute performance. Cobb really got into it! Charly sang, but lacked the enthusiasm she usually shows at home & in the car.

Here's a closer view (Where's Waldo??) Cobb's in the top right and Charly is in the lower left:

Ridge really paid attention!

Sweet cousins Sam & Charly after the show:

And Cobb showing us his stuff in the classroom:

MARCH 27th
My sister Caroline came to visit. Somehow i don't have any pics of that, but it was really nice to be able to chill with her. She was here for Charly's birthday party then had to leave on the 31st.

Caroline returned & we headed to Houston the next day with Ridge, Charly to celebrate my Dad's birthday. Rob & Cobb had a guys weekend at home so he wouldn't miss his first t-ball game (post coming soon). We had a great time seeing family & hanging out. The kids got to see their cousins Abran & Jameson. My mom got Charly an adorable dress & the boys' matching shirts.

Jameson & Ridge

Abran & Charly

Not the best of all 4, but it will have to do.

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