Tuesday, April 21, 2009

T-Ball Time

Cobb had his first T-ball game on April 4th when Charly, Ridge & I were in Houston(see Catch Up Post). Rob said Cobb did a great job! He caught a ball & even got someone out! I was able to watch his second game, and it was so fun to see him play. He and another little boy ran from outfield all the way to the ball (usually around the pitcher's mound) every time. So cute. And he looks so grown up and handsome in his uniform. How can I make my kids stop growing????

Here's my goofy boy. . .

The coach is great, and the teammates are sweet boys. Here's a team meeting, and guess who's got his hand up!

Ridge and Charly both have playmates at the practices & games. Bella (one of Charly's good friends) is there for her brother Keeten, and Cruse (a new friend for Ridge) is there for his brother Cade. Here's Cruse & Ridge. They are both BIG fans of Disney's Cars.

And here's Charly & Bella:

Well, you can't really see them b/c they are under the blanket. It was windy & freezing that day!

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Stacey said...

I CAN NOT believe how old Cobb looks in his uniform!! Those pictures are priceless...especially the goofy one. What a great kiddo!

I'd love to come see him play! T-ball games are too funny. Let us know when he plays again!