Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Planting & Pics

I was excited to get out in my yard and plant some flowers over Easter weekend. I have had a huge hole in my landscaping right where my little helpers are digging. They enjoyed getting all dirty, and I did too actually. Even though I am a novice in gardening(clueless really), there was something about digging in dirt on a pretty day that made me smile :)

So here's the finished product:

This past Sunday we took some pictures of our kids in the outfits my mom bought. It's pretty hard to get a good one of all three, but here's the best one:

And some individual shots (excuse the drool on Ridge's):

And I just loved this profile shot of my girl:

1 comment:

The Ratliffs said...

Your children are so beautiful, Haley. That little Charly grin is contagious!