Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dragon breath & X-Rays

Nothing serious, but I just wanted to post these pics because they were too cute. A while ago Ridge came down with a cold that went to his chest so he had to use a nebulizer. We called it "the dragon."

Ridge was such a good sport about it. He just sat there and breathed "dragon smoke" while watching a show (usually "Backyardigans Monster Detectives").

Then at Charly's 4 year appointment, we had to get an x-ray of her tummy. We headed to Presbyterian Allen (across the street from our doctor) to have the x-ray done. Ridge was an absolute maniac. A sweet man turned on Scooby Doo in the waiting room so that calmed him down. Charly was in great spirits considering that she was about to do something scary that she's never done before. They called us back, and she did wonderful. The below picture was taken in the x-ray room.

Basically, she's fine, but we just need to help her with some constipation issues.
Upon leaving the hospital, we dropped the crazy guy off for a nap at the Parker's house then Charly & I had a date at McDonalds.

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Leslie said...

Elizabeth continues to struggle with constipation too. It's so hard to watch them go through that. Right now I'm trying chiropractic, food enzymes, and probiotics. We're up to about 2x a week instead of 1x, but nothing miraculous yet.