Thursday, February 02, 2012

I Need to Teach Daddy This Trick

Ridge:  Can I play with Tribb??   He really likes my funniness.    Sometimes he doesn't think Daddy's funny.   I need to teach him this trick.  

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Conversations with Ridge(cont. . .)

Yesterday morning:

Rob:  Ridge, your mommy is talented (said as he is walking out of the room, and after I did something like the typical mom muti-tasking)

Ridge: Uh mom, you are a little talented, but Daddy is more talented I think.

Me:  I think you are right Ridge.

Ridge:  Yea.   It's just that he does so much for us.   You do a little though mom.  You do.  You really do.    

This morning:

Ridge:   Mommy, I think Tribb might be even more handsome than me.  

Me:  Why do you say that?   I think all three of my boys are handsome.

Ridge:   Well, you know, he just looks handsome.   See??     Take a picture of us.


switching gears. . .  I think I'm going to have a media guy on my hands b/c Ridge is constantly asking me to video him.    Here's an example:

Ridge:  video me doing this!

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Fun at the Lake with the Fifers!

Rob, Cobb, and Charly got to go to the Bowlin lakehouse to hang out with the Fifers on New Years Eve while the sickies and I stayed home.     Here's a little video that Rob edited from their time together.  

New Years Eve 2011 from Rob Thomas on Vimeo.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Conversations with Ridge: Are you an Elf?

Well, our New Years started off with a bang yesterday with a broken dishwasher, high fevers, strep throat, and "hand, foot, and mouth" virus. But my sickie Ridge made it all better with his hilarious chatter and sense of humor. Here's a few:

We went to Acute Kid Care yesterday to get Ridge tested for strep.

Doc: Hi there! Ridge, what seems to be going on today?
Ridge: My tongue hurts when I eat.
Doc: I'm going to look and see, is that ok?
Ridge: No. That thing chokes. I don't like it. (tongue depressor)
Doc: Okay, well just open real wide, and I won't use it.
Doc: Okay, it looks like strep.
Ridge: Oh man, seriously???
Doc: Yes, and your lymph nodes are like marbles.
Ridge: No I have those down with my penis.

There's an uncomfortable pause. Then the doctor and I start laughing out loud. 

Ridge: What? It's true. Seriously!
Me: You're right Ridge.

The doctor starts telling me how we are going to treat the strep. Ridge keeps staring at the doctor, and then. . .

Ridge: You have pointy ears.
Doc: Oh. (laughing)
Ridge: Are you an elf?
Doc: Well, no, but that's funny b/c I always tease my wife for having big ears, and she teases me for having small ears.
Ridge: Your ears aren't small, they're pointy.
Doc: I really can't wait to tell my wife all that you've said today! Is that okay? (starting to walk out)
Ridge: yea, sure. Maybe you are too tall to be an elf. But Buddy is tall, right mom?

In the car on the way home, Ridge talks with a constant chatter.

Ridge: HALEY!!
Me: Oh, are you talking to me Ridge? .
Ridge: Yes, I've BEEN talking to you.
Me: I'm sorry babe. It's hard to hear you way back there.
Ridge: Sorry mom, I just really like to talk.

Here's one of my favorite clips that often remind me of Ridge:

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Video Yearbook 2011

This is one of my Christmas presents (my fav!)

Family Yearbook 2011 from Rob Thomas on Vimeo.

Rob shot this on his Canon 60D camera this year. He put it all together to make a video yearbook for 2011! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!! (tip: if you click the vimeo button and watch it on vimeo, it's in HD and looks even better!)

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Conversations with Ridge: I Just Want a Wife

Conversations with my sweet boy Ridge.

This morning as we were getting ready for school:

R: I’m so excited about my christmas program today.

Me: I am too. I’m sure you are going to sing so pretty!

R: You might see a girl and think she is really pretty.

Me: Oh there’s a girl that’s really pretty in your class?

R: Yes, her name is Jocelyn. She’s really pretty. She’s five, and I’m only four. But she’s in my class. She sometimes needs her mom to help her with her clothes. She has buttons that are hard to do. I have buttons, and I can do them.

Me: Yes you can. You’ll have to point Jocelyn out to me today so I know who she is.

R: If she’s next to me I might be shy. (dramatic pause ending with a sigh) Mom, do you think I could be her boyfriend when I grow up?

Me: Um. . .maybe

R: She’s really pretty. I’ll have to dress really handsome. You know, I just want to have a wife later.

Me: When you are much older, you will be a great husband like your daddy.

R: Yea. I am real handsome.

Later we got in the car, and I’m backing out the driveway. . .

R: Um, mom?

Me: yes?

R: I think we have a problem

Me: Oh really? What’s that?

R: Well, I don’t have my coat on, and I can’t get it on because I’m unbuckled (meaning buckled).

Me: That’s okay. You can put it on when we get out of the car at school.

R: Okay, but Mom??

Me: Yes?

R: Can we make sure that I have it on so no one will see my handsome clothes? I want to walk into class then take my coat off and surprise everyone with my handsome clothes. They might all fall down because I’m so handsome.

Me: They just might Ridge. They just might.

Throughout the Christmas program, Ridge sang while remaining quite serious. He focused on his teachers the whole time. Afterwards we went to Five Guys for lunch with the Parkers, and he was talking to his daddy. . .

R: Daddy? You know Mrs. Bartolone?

Daddy: Yes. She’s your teacher.

R: How come you don’t have her as a wife?

I’ve been told Ridge might have a slight crush on his teacher so my feelings aren’t too hurt. I know he loves his mama, but it appears he’d like Mrs. Bartolone to join the family as well!

Friday, December 02, 2011

He knows

We're at home, and I have some clean up to do. Tribb is not wanting to sleep so it hasn't been a great combo. I held Tribb tight and asked him what I was going to do with his cute self since he's now moving and into everything. He gave me a smile similar to the below picture. . . He knows he's in control of my time, and he likes it!

Monday, November 07, 2011

Our four piano players

Here are our four kids in a random order... all at six months old... all playing the piano.

Can you guess who is who?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What Were You Thinking?

I've slacked, but now I've just got to come back. There are WAY too many entries for the "What Were You Thinking" blog series. Here it goes:

1)Why Ridge? Just not sure of the purpose behind this one:

Can you see the actual toilet paper holder in the trash?

2)Last week, Charly and Ridge asked if they could have a root beer. I said, "Sure, but please split it by using cups." They did, and I thought all was fine. I was actually gooshing inside with pride at my well behaved and good mannered children. And then I found them in the garage standing on either side of Cobb's bike taking turns pouring root beer on the back wheel and spinning it. How fun to see where the root beer splatters! But truly, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??

3) Ridge only has one pair of tennis shoes. Yes, I know what you are thinking. . . buy him another pair! I will for sure, but in the meantime. . . We were running out the door to take Ridge to school last week. All are in the car, bags packed, seat belts buckled, and I look down at Ridge's bare feet. "Ridge, where are your shoes?" "Oh, I forgot" was the reply I got. "Ridge, go get your shoes and fast!" We run inside, look forever, only to find his muddy shoes from camping (I had forgotten to clean them). So we decide we are going to break school rules and send him in crocks, but we could only find one of each pair. Another 5 minutes of frantic searching reveals one lone crock under his bed. Finally, off to school. SO. . . I wash the tennis shoes to have them ready for Thursday. Wednesday afternoon, Ridge puts on his tennis shoes, goes out to the woods behind our house, and jumps in the biggest mud puddle he could find. Really?? WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?

4)Frequent occurance: Ridge is using the bathroom. He hears something, but he's not quite done. This doesn't stop him from turning his whole body to look. You can imagine the result. . . WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?

5)Tribb is lying on the floor happily playing. I look over to see my sweet four your old slinking over his baby brother until he is practically sitting on T's face. "Ridge, buddy! Don't sit on your brother's face! He doesn't like that." But as Ridge gets off his brother, Tribb starts laughing and smiling. Hmmmm I guess you knew what you were thinking! Just don't do it again.

Don't worry. . . I've got more.

Monday, October 17, 2011