Sunday, January 01, 2012

Conversations with Ridge: Are you an Elf?

Well, our New Years started off with a bang yesterday with a broken dishwasher, high fevers, strep throat, and "hand, foot, and mouth" virus. But my sickie Ridge made it all better with his hilarious chatter and sense of humor. Here's a few:

We went to Acute Kid Care yesterday to get Ridge tested for strep.

Doc: Hi there! Ridge, what seems to be going on today?
Ridge: My tongue hurts when I eat.
Doc: I'm going to look and see, is that ok?
Ridge: No. That thing chokes. I don't like it. (tongue depressor)
Doc: Okay, well just open real wide, and I won't use it.
Doc: Okay, it looks like strep.
Ridge: Oh man, seriously???
Doc: Yes, and your lymph nodes are like marbles.
Ridge: No I have those down with my penis.

There's an uncomfortable pause. Then the doctor and I start laughing out loud. 

Ridge: What? It's true. Seriously!
Me: You're right Ridge.

The doctor starts telling me how we are going to treat the strep. Ridge keeps staring at the doctor, and then. . .

Ridge: You have pointy ears.
Doc: Oh. (laughing)
Ridge: Are you an elf?
Doc: Well, no, but that's funny b/c I always tease my wife for having big ears, and she teases me for having small ears.
Ridge: Your ears aren't small, they're pointy.
Doc: I really can't wait to tell my wife all that you've said today! Is that okay? (starting to walk out)
Ridge: yea, sure. Maybe you are too tall to be an elf. But Buddy is tall, right mom?

In the car on the way home, Ridge talks with a constant chatter.

Ridge: HALEY!!
Me: Oh, are you talking to me Ridge? .
Ridge: Yes, I've BEEN talking to you.
Me: I'm sorry babe. It's hard to hear you way back there.
Ridge: Sorry mom, I just really like to talk.

Here's one of my favorite clips that often remind me of Ridge:


Brian Gallimore said...

Ridge has to be the funniest kid I know!

Anonymous said...


But sorry about all of the sickness!