Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cobb's Graduation

Cobb graduated from preschool on May 21st, and I've been meaning to blog about it since. I know, it's been a month, but better late than never?? This is a momentous occasion. . . my baby growing up. He'll be moving on to Kindergarten next year. I've post-poned it as long as I could, and now he's got to grow up. Bummer for mommy, but great for Cobb! It seems like yesterday that we were brand new parents with a precious little baby in our arms. The school made sure we would all cry when they showed the below slide. . .

Anyway, he was so cute walking down the aisle in his cap.

Here he is receiving his "diploma."

And here he is with his class:

The boys:

And teachers:

Two of his buddies:

Mommy & Daddy; Nana & Pops:

Afterwards, two of his friends came over to play.

And here's Charly with Andrew (another younger sibling)

Cobb had such a great experience with his Transitional Kindergarten class. He made some great friends & really learned a lot. We are looking forward to our next chapter!

Monday, June 29, 2009

The Cookie Monster

We headed to Nana and Pops house yesterday and had a great day of swimming and watching a movie. Nana made her chocolate chip cookies which we all love. Ridge loves them very much... in fact he had already had several before this video was shot. His Mommy told him he couldn't have anymore... thus if you look closely, you see him 'struggle' with taking one or not. Of course, Daddy and Pops didn't know Mommy told him he couldn't have any more so we gave him one.

Rock Climbing with Girls

This past Saturday I went Rock Climbing at Exposure Rock Climbing in Carrollton with 2 friends of mine. We had a blast. I hadn't really rock climbed (other than than taking Cobb & briefly on a cruise back in Spring of '08). Anyway, we had our harnesses, our climbing shoes, & our chalk bags. We were set!

Below are pics of Kristin. It was her first time & she did great!

Here's some pics of Jenn:

I was belaying Jenn. It took me a little while to get the hang of it again.
Here's some pics of me:

And here's me with my dramatic position after coming down off the wall. I was exhausted by the end. . .

The Game Players

Mimi & Papeaux (my parents) came to visit at the beginning of June so Rob & I could have an extended date (& because they missed us!). The kids were very excited to see them, Cobb especially. He loves that they play games the whole time. It's so cute to watch Cobb play because he gets REALLY into it. Mimi & Papeaux brought some new games with them this time, and somehow we convinced them to leave two of them. They have been well played.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Cobb's Reaction to Michael Jackson's Death

Rob came home the other night & told us about Michael Jackson dying(I hadn't watched the news). We were outside playing at the time. Rob was telling Cobb about Michael Jackson & how he was an incredible recording artist who changed the way the world views music. Cobb's response was:

Cobb: he died?
Rob: yes, he died
Cobb: Oh, he's so lucky because now he gets to be with Jesus.

I don't know what Michael Jackson believed, but I love my son's perspective.

I love that my 5 year old knows that when our purpose is done here on earth, we get to go home & be with Jesus. And I love that he thinks that is so cool. It was a good reminder to me to look at death as going home to be with our glorious savior.

Summer's Favorite

It's a little shack that sells shaved ice with any flavor you could want. The kids had wedding cake this time. I stuck with Strawberries & Cream.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Laundry Helper

One of Ridge's favorite things to do is help mommy with the laundry. He's pretty good at loading and unloading the washer & dryer. Sadly, he is not so good at folding. But I should give him credit as the best UNfolder ever (especially if folded stacks are in the way of his cars).

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Yes, Rob's video "99 Balloons" was on the today show as they interview Matt & Ginny Mooney. This couple wanted to document their time with their son & they allowed Igniter Media the privilege of capturing it in a video. It is such a sweet perspective on God's love for us, and His desire to bring us joy even during times of trouble. Elliot's life made a difference even though it was only 99 days.

Here's the clip: http://today.msnbc.msn.com/

And if you Tevo'd it then it's 1 hour 11 minutes in. :)

I think they used the same version of the video that Oprah did back in October. Click Here to see my blog post about that.

A Nest in Our Toy Box

Yes, I found a nest with eggs & a mama bird in our outside toy box. I opened the toy box to get some soccer balls out, and out flew a mama bird. It startled me, but then upon looking in the box, this is what I found. A nest in a sand bucket!

Little eggs were there too!

I didn't know quite what to do so I put the bucket in a nearby tree. I think I made the wrong choice though because it looks as if the mama has not come back. Hind sight 20/20, I should have left it in the toy box. Next time.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Rock climbing with Cobb

Good Times/Good Friends

We had the great opportunity to hang with my good high school friends & their families at a ranch in McKinney from June 12th -15th. We spent a lot of time chatting, chasing kids, eating, swimming, playing with a baby horse, and riding the "Gator." I loved seeing my high school friends, and I hope this family reunion will be a regular thing. And the land was beautiful so it really felt like we had escaped.

One highlight was the hayride. Here's the whole crew:

All the kids (9 kids ages 5 and under)

Ridge loved the big tractor that pulled the hayride:

And another favorite (for the kids especially) was the pool:

Here's Rob driving some kids on the "gator." Other than a small instance of being chased by cows(before Rob got there), the gator was a pretty safe & fun adventure for the kids.

Here's our time hanging out with "Miss Behavin"

She kept running around showing off for the kids:

One morning the kids & I went for a walk so that we wouldn't wake the rest of the house. (Remember, we wake up at 6 a.m.!).

Cobb took up the game of "who can throw the rock the furthest into the field." He won of course.

All & all this was a great little vacation, and we loved every minute of it.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Are Girls Born this way?

My friend Lane just sent me this video & I'm still cracking up laughing at it.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lightning Storm

Last night we were coming home from church at 8:45 p.m. We had missed the larger part of the storm, but lightening was still lighting the sky and the rain still trickled down. The conversation in my car cracked me up. Of course this might not be an exact translation, but it is the jist of the conversation. I tried to memorize as it was happening.

Cobb: Mom! did you see that one!
Charly: I did!
Ridge: I no see it! where, where! I no see!
Me: Ridge, look out in the dark sky. Watch carefully because another one is coming.
Cobb: I hope it doesn't hit us!
Ridge: Oh no! I afraid!
Charly: There's nothing to worry about.
Cobb: If it hits Mac's house, he'll have to get a new one.
Me: That's true. Let's pray it doesn't hit Mac's house
Charly: Or Ms. Carrie's, or Liza's or Mr. Doug's. They ALL live there Cobb.
Cobb: I know
Ridge: I see it! I see it!
Cobb: Look over there! It's orange & yellow.
Ridge: I see orange & yellow. Oh, Oh I see it! Orange, Yellow. There, there!
Charly: We know Ridge
Ridge: Oh no, I afraid. scary. Mommy, hold me!

Ridge didn't really seem scared. He used a dramatic, high-pitched, soft voice. He was trying to be part of the conversation.

Charly: Ridge, there's nothing to be afraid of.
Cobb: Mom, I can't sleep tonight. The lightning might get my hair.
Me: Your hair?
Cobb: Yeah. I still want my hair to be there.
Charly: It's not going to get us Cobb.
Ridge: Oh scary! (again, a more dramatic voice than one of real fear).

Upon arriving home, Cobb & Charly went to bed easily. Ridge on the other hand told me his bed was scary. He asked to sleep with Cobb. So I jumped on the opportunity. I've been trying to move him to a big boy bed, but haven't gotten around to it. So, Ridge slept in Cobb's other twin bed all night last night under the pretense that he was scared. So, hopefully, we won't go back to the crib. Thankful for lightning storms!

So You Think You Can Dance

I'm a sucker for "So You Think You Can Dance." Probably because I can't dance.
Check out this dance. It moved me. . . It's a couple who can't go to bed angry.
Start at 2:09 to just see the dance.

Ridge's Coffee interest

Ridge: Mommy that your coffee?
Me: Well, It's my tea.
Ridge: Oh, you teaf. I fy it? (try it)
Me: No, honey, I don't want you to try it.
Ridge: Why? I need fy it!
Me: It's too hot for you Ridge
Ridge: Oh, I bo it?
Me: It's not too hot for me babe. Just for you.
Ridge: I bo it for you! I need bo it!
Me: (hesitantly I agree knowing his "blowing" is not necessarily spit free) Okay. . .
Ridge generously blows into my tea then looks to me for approval
Me: Thank you Ridge
Ridge: That better?
Me: Yes
I set the cup down thinking that I would just fix myself another one
Ridge: Okay, you drink it now.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Don't Hide My Cars! It's Dangerous!

Huh??? That's what Cobb, Charly & I thought.

Cobb & Charly have figured out a little game of hiding Ridge's cars from him. This is not a funny game nor a kind one so, believe me, we are working on it. But I thought we had worked it out this morning where each kid had 3 cars to play with. All was going smoothly until suddenly Ridge said, "Don't hide my cars, it's dangerous," and stomped upstairs. Shortly after, he was calling to his siblings to join him upstairs to play cars. I'm not sure where the outburst came from, but it could be a sign that he's listening to me when I say things are dangerous (like walking into the street, climbing high on things, etc. . .). But I'm unsure of why hiding cars could be dangerous. Any thoughts?