Saturday, June 27, 2009

Cobb's Reaction to Michael Jackson's Death

Rob came home the other night & told us about Michael Jackson dying(I hadn't watched the news). We were outside playing at the time. Rob was telling Cobb about Michael Jackson & how he was an incredible recording artist who changed the way the world views music. Cobb's response was:

Cobb: he died?
Rob: yes, he died
Cobb: Oh, he's so lucky because now he gets to be with Jesus.

I don't know what Michael Jackson believed, but I love my son's perspective.

I love that my 5 year old knows that when our purpose is done here on earth, we get to go home & be with Jesus. And I love that he thinks that is so cool. It was a good reminder to me to look at death as going home to be with our glorious savior.

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Stacey said...

I can totally hear him saying that. Sweet Cobb. You and Rob are great parents.