Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lightning Storm

Last night we were coming home from church at 8:45 p.m. We had missed the larger part of the storm, but lightening was still lighting the sky and the rain still trickled down. The conversation in my car cracked me up. Of course this might not be an exact translation, but it is the jist of the conversation. I tried to memorize as it was happening.

Cobb: Mom! did you see that one!
Charly: I did!
Ridge: I no see it! where, where! I no see!
Me: Ridge, look out in the dark sky. Watch carefully because another one is coming.
Cobb: I hope it doesn't hit us!
Ridge: Oh no! I afraid!
Charly: There's nothing to worry about.
Cobb: If it hits Mac's house, he'll have to get a new one.
Me: That's true. Let's pray it doesn't hit Mac's house
Charly: Or Ms. Carrie's, or Liza's or Mr. Doug's. They ALL live there Cobb.
Cobb: I know
Ridge: I see it! I see it!
Cobb: Look over there! It's orange & yellow.
Ridge: I see orange & yellow. Oh, Oh I see it! Orange, Yellow. There, there!
Charly: We know Ridge
Ridge: Oh no, I afraid. scary. Mommy, hold me!

Ridge didn't really seem scared. He used a dramatic, high-pitched, soft voice. He was trying to be part of the conversation.

Charly: Ridge, there's nothing to be afraid of.
Cobb: Mom, I can't sleep tonight. The lightning might get my hair.
Me: Your hair?
Cobb: Yeah. I still want my hair to be there.
Charly: It's not going to get us Cobb.
Ridge: Oh scary! (again, a more dramatic voice than one of real fear).

Upon arriving home, Cobb & Charly went to bed easily. Ridge on the other hand told me his bed was scary. He asked to sleep with Cobb. So I jumped on the opportunity. I've been trying to move him to a big boy bed, but haven't gotten around to it. So, Ridge slept in Cobb's other twin bed all night last night under the pretense that he was scared. So, hopefully, we won't go back to the crib. Thankful for lightning storms!

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