Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Don't Hide My Cars! It's Dangerous!

Huh??? That's what Cobb, Charly & I thought.

Cobb & Charly have figured out a little game of hiding Ridge's cars from him. This is not a funny game nor a kind one so, believe me, we are working on it. But I thought we had worked it out this morning where each kid had 3 cars to play with. All was going smoothly until suddenly Ridge said, "Don't hide my cars, it's dangerous," and stomped upstairs. Shortly after, he was calling to his siblings to join him upstairs to play cars. I'm not sure where the outburst came from, but it could be a sign that he's listening to me when I say things are dangerous (like walking into the street, climbing high on things, etc. . .). But I'm unsure of why hiding cars could be dangerous. Any thoughts?

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Suzanne said...

This has me stumped as well... sounds kinda like a threat... but you would think not at his age :) Hope there is no more hiding of cars, then maybe you will never have to know! Fun reading your blog, kids to bring such great joy!