Monday, June 01, 2009

How Sweet the Sounds

I just wanted to share a bit of my early morning. I'll set the stage: I woke at 5:30 with an attempt to spend a little time in God's Word & prayer. I was so excited to have a little time of quiet. As I got out of bed & started the water boiling for my tea, loud and panicked screams erupted from upstairs. Of course, my heart starts racing as I sprint upstairs to the source of the sound. I quickly open the door & turn on the light in my two year old's room. Ridge immediately stands up in his crib, stops crying, and says, "I get up now?" Well, what choice do I have now little stinker!

So I take him downstairs, set him up with his cars & settle in my chair with my journal & Bible. Soon he is running the cars over my legs, and asking me all sorts of questions. So my plan wasn't working. It was such a nice morning so I decided to open the back windows & relocate outside.

My backyard felt a bit like a sanctuary to me. I felt removed from the everyday, listening to the birds chirping and watching the trees sway in the cool breeze. Of course, the everyday sounds of the dog chewing his bone and Ridge making car noises trickled into my moment, but the mixture felt like a blessing. I was so thankful for serenity of God's creation in the midst of common noises. I could see memories of the joy that has occurred on the playset, the laughter that happens on the grass, and the gifts God has given us in our kids and our home.

Soon Ridge joined me outside. "It's a beautiful day," he said, and then he continued with his attempts for my attention. After a while, Ridge & I came inside to find Cobb awake, sitting in the green chair, and "reading" his Bible. A sweet sight for me to see.


Caroline said...

what a great post. especially loved Cobb reading his Bible at the end :)

Can't believe he'll go to Kindergarten next year - woah.

the bowlin family said...

that is a sweet sight haley. what a great example you are to your children!

David said...

Your such a great mommy:) and you all have such an amazing family