Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Fun at the Aquarium!

Today we went to the aquarium with the Heinrichs. The kids had a blast looking at all the animals. (Carolyn & I did too!!) Here they are looking at the alligators:

Looking at the Otters:

Ridge with the Manitees:

And we got to see a scuba diver cleaning out one of the aquariums. The kids were fascinated:

In the shark tank. It was feeding time so that was really neat to see the sharks eat. And they swam right over us!

This was a sawfish:

looking at the Jaguar:

I really felt sorry for the guy. He was trapped in this glass cage with nothing to do. But it was pretty incredible to be so up close to such a powerful creature.

Here's a picture of sweet little Anna. She slept the whole time while the big kids ran around & made LOTS of noise.

All the big kids. Charly did a great job of hanging with the boys!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas 2009

Christmas Eve we made Gingerbread Santa Sleighs with lots of eating throughout. . .

Cobb was more interested in shaking presents to guess what they were:

He eventually joined us though:

Finished products:

Daddy & sickie Ridge taking a nap. Ridge had a high temp. . .

Santa came!

Christmas A.M.

It snowed on Christmas! How fun is that!

Playing in the snow:

Quotes from Ridge on Christmas

Our Christmas was eventful mainly because Ridge had 103-105 degree fever Christmas Eve & Christmas day. Here are some quotes from him. . .

Christmas Eve:
Ridge: Santa coming tonight?
Me: Yes, he's coming tonight! Are you excited?
Ridge: He coming to clean our house?
Me: No babe, he's coming to bring you presents!
Ridge: oh. I thought he coming to clean

After our little family Christmas this morning, Rob, Cobb & Charly went to Rob's parents for the extended family Christmas. Later, Ridge & I drove down to drop off a casserole. Pops went to talk to him in the car since Ridge couldn't get out to go inside:
Pops: are you cute?
Ridge: no, I not cute! I handsome!

Ridge's fever shot up to 105 so the nurse told us to go to the ER. At the hospital, they put the id bracelet on Ridge
Me: Oh Ridge, that's a cool bracelet
Ridge: I not a girl!

we waited forever at the ER to be seen. We were there 4 hours.
Me: Ridge, next Christmas don't get sick ok?
Ridge: Yea. Santa gonna say, "You not gonna be sick anymore!"

This evening before bed (or I guess, after he had gone to bed & then gotten back up)
Me: so, do you want me to take this off? (referring to bracelet)
Ridge:NO! It's the doctor put it on for me!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Charly telling on Ridge

Charly: Mom! Ridge has daddy's "hittings" (I think that's what she called it)
Me: His what?
Charly: you know, for his hip ups.
Me: Oh his push ups?
Charly: Yea! His push ups.

(Rob has these work out things that help you do a "perfect push up")

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Saturday, December 19, 2009

School Christmas Parties 2009

Ridge with his teachers Stephanie & Regan:

Making his Christmas placemat:

Charly at her party:

Putting baby Jesus in the manger scene:

We left school that day with our arms full of goodies from the parties. Unfortunately I had to park in the far parking lot. So we walked along then all of a sudden. . . "stop Charly! It's wet Charly! Charly, it's WET!!" Sadly she didnt' hear me & stepped right into wet cement. . . OOPS!

Well, maybe the sidewalk will forever have Charly's boot prints.

Here are pics from Cobb's school party:

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Johnny & Chachi's Christmas Medley

This is our latest video. Enjoy.

Click here to view on Igniter Media

Santa Fifer

The other day we went over to the Fifer's house to visit with Santa Fifer! Here's my cute kiddies attempting their best smiles.

Ridge talked to Santa about what he wants for Christmas.

When we left, he said, "But mommy, where's my present? Santa didn't give it to me!"
Poor Ridge.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Staff Christmas Party

RT Creative Group had their Christmas party at our house this past Monday night. We had so much fun. Maggiano's catered, and Stacey & I did the desserts. Here are some pictures:

Rob & me just as the party was starting:

Cute Jeff & Stacey:

Britton & Beth Church and Philip & Jenni Wright:

The gang eating throughout the house:

Getting dessert:

Rob starting the games:

David & Melissa taking the quiz:

Andra & Ashley looking at "Santa's Favorite Things":

Great times, great people. Thanks to all of you who make RT Creative Group a success. Thanks for your love for the company, and mostly for your continued desire to glorify the Lord through your work!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sweet Ridge is 3!!!!

Ridge turned 3 today! My baby is growing up.

Sweet boy didn't even know it was his birthday this morning. He had his party 10 days ago, so he thinks he's been 3 for a while now. Below are some pics from his party. It was a super hero theme, and his two cousins came dressed like batman, and of course, Ridge was batman too.

The batmen tackling Darth Vader

Bo with Vader's mask

Bo and Ridge (Jack had not yet arrived)

Ridge and his best buddy Bennett as Robin

Ridge also had one of his neighborhood friends (Josef a.k.a. Spiderman) at the party, and his other friend was sick. . . so sad he missed!

Playing super hero bingo

The boys played upstairs after the games, and little Ridge was up to his old tricks. He decided to color his face blue. (last week he colored Cobb's library book as well as several other things).

Blue face Ridge eating pizza

Blowing out his candles

His Superhero cake

He had so much fun at the party, so today didn't seem like much to him. But he did get cookies at school, and a present & cupcakes tonight with our little family. Sweet, funny, crazy Ridge. I love you so much. You are such a joy, and I can't imagine life without your sweet smiles, loud and crazy laugh, and funny personality. Thanks for being you kiddo!

"Mommy, it's my birthday, and my sign says that I don't have to go to bed!"