Monday, December 14, 2009

Our soccer season

Both Cobb & Charly played soccer this season(which ended Nov.21st). It was a crazy season with all the rain and make-up games, but we still enjoyed it.
Cobb played on the Knights again with Coach Bob & Rob.

A highlight was playing against some of his friends from Kindergarten. Three of the boys on the other team are in his Kindergarten class!

Here he is getting his trophy from his coaches:

Now Charly really enjoyed soccer too, but mostly enjoyed the social aspect of it. She was more interested in chatting with friends

Or doing stances on the field

Or how her uniform looked. . .

But she occasionally kicked the ball!

And what did Ridge do? Well. . .

mostly run around, roll on the ground,

climb on mommy,

hugging on Annalise (Keeten & Bella's sis)

Or ask daddy to hold him

Fun times.


Alyssa said...

Man that Knight's logo is awesome...

Rob said...

It sure is... not so much the clipart image, but the text treatment and font choice... amazing!