Friday, December 25, 2009

Quotes from Ridge on Christmas

Our Christmas was eventful mainly because Ridge had 103-105 degree fever Christmas Eve & Christmas day. Here are some quotes from him. . .

Christmas Eve:
Ridge: Santa coming tonight?
Me: Yes, he's coming tonight! Are you excited?
Ridge: He coming to clean our house?
Me: No babe, he's coming to bring you presents!
Ridge: oh. I thought he coming to clean

After our little family Christmas this morning, Rob, Cobb & Charly went to Rob's parents for the extended family Christmas. Later, Ridge & I drove down to drop off a casserole. Pops went to talk to him in the car since Ridge couldn't get out to go inside:
Pops: are you cute?
Ridge: no, I not cute! I handsome!

Ridge's fever shot up to 105 so the nurse told us to go to the ER. At the hospital, they put the id bracelet on Ridge
Me: Oh Ridge, that's a cool bracelet
Ridge: I not a girl!

we waited forever at the ER to be seen. We were there 4 hours.
Me: Ridge, next Christmas don't get sick ok?
Ridge: Yea. Santa gonna say, "You not gonna be sick anymore!"

This evening before bed (or I guess, after he had gone to bed & then gotten back up)
Me: so, do you want me to take this off? (referring to bracelet)
Ridge:NO! It's the doctor put it on for me!

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Stacey said...

That Ridge is a hoot! I'm sad he was feeling yucky on Christmas. No fun!