Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sweet Ridge is 3!!!!

Ridge turned 3 today! My baby is growing up.

Sweet boy didn't even know it was his birthday this morning. He had his party 10 days ago, so he thinks he's been 3 for a while now. Below are some pics from his party. It was a super hero theme, and his two cousins came dressed like batman, and of course, Ridge was batman too.

The batmen tackling Darth Vader

Bo with Vader's mask

Bo and Ridge (Jack had not yet arrived)

Ridge and his best buddy Bennett as Robin

Ridge also had one of his neighborhood friends (Josef a.k.a. Spiderman) at the party, and his other friend was sick. . . so sad he missed!

Playing super hero bingo

The boys played upstairs after the games, and little Ridge was up to his old tricks. He decided to color his face blue. (last week he colored Cobb's library book as well as several other things).

Blue face Ridge eating pizza

Blowing out his candles

His Superhero cake

He had so much fun at the party, so today didn't seem like much to him. But he did get cookies at school, and a present & cupcakes tonight with our little family. Sweet, funny, crazy Ridge. I love you so much. You are such a joy, and I can't imagine life without your sweet smiles, loud and crazy laugh, and funny personality. Thanks for being you kiddo!

"Mommy, it's my birthday, and my sign says that I don't have to go to bed!"

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