Saturday, October 24, 2009

Embarrassing Moment #???

So after a fun day of soccer games and birthday parties, we headed to Mooyah burger with some friends. After the chaos of ordering with 6 young kids and 4 adults, we finally settled down at the "adult table." The kids sat at a table of their own, and of course, they finished their meals before we had a chance to take our second bite. We were outside so we allowed them to get up and play away from the tables. We start talking again, and I hear, "uh ma'am? Is this one of yours?" I turn to the table next to us where three women are sitting. And then I notice that she is pointing under her table at my daughter. Yes, Charly is sitting under their table, hugging her knees so she can be small enough to squeeze in between the 3 pairs of legs. At that point, I wasn't sure if I should claim her or not, but I did. Charly was really proud of her hiding place, and thankfully the women were understanding!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Who is Stronger?

Ridge: Batman is stronger than God
Charly: NO! He's not. God is the strongest ever. And Batman isn't real anyway.
Ridge: oh. Well then Superman? He's the strong ever.
Charly: No. Not even Superman. God is stronger than everyone. He's the biggest too.
Ridge: Oh.

(just a little conversation that happened in the car one day. It's my favorite thing to listen to).

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Why was my phone there??

Of all places!!! Of all days!!!

I'm in the process of cleaning out. I'm in a time crunch because we are having a garage sale tomorrow! yes, tomorrow! I worked hard to clean out the drawers & the closet of the guest room (all Ridge's stuff) so I can put Ridge down for his nap in there. His naptime would allow me to get stuff done in the playroom & the other kids rooms before picking up Charly at school (he's a good napper). About 45 minutes later, I start searching for my phone to text Rob. I call it twice, but I still can't hear it. I venture upstairs to see if it might be hidden up there somewhere before I give up. I hear it faintly & call a 4th time. Horrified, I realize it is coming from the room where Ridge is thankfully still sleeping. I sneak in, look everywhere. It's not on the dresser, under the bed, on the bed, near the bed, in the closet or bathroom. But I know I heard it in that room! I decide to look again later, and smile down at my "sleeping" Ridge. Right then his eyes pop open, he smiles, and I see it. A tiny edge of my phone is peaking out from underneath him. He is sleeping on it! How did that happen? I have no idea. But now Ridge is awake and needing me. He's sitting with me now as I type. My ounce of time to clean out is gone. oh well. Stinkin phone! GRRRRRRR

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Watching the Planes

Yesterday we had a busy & fun morning. Cobb was out of school so we rested in the morning, had chocolate chip pancakes, and then headed to meet the Heinrichs at the park. After the park, we went on to lunch with my friend Emily Ruth Jones at SWA. My kids love it there because it's like a playground! They had it all decorated for Halloween.

And of course after lunch we just had to watch the airplanes. The deck at the SWA building is a perfect spot to watch them take off and land. Such a great time.

Thanks Em!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Tire is still MIA

So we had to get an x-ray today even though mommy & daddy have been faithful to diligently inspect many poops on Friday and over the weekend. We first visited the doctor's office, and then they sent us over to the hospital to check in with radiology. Ridge charmed everyone we met, and he definitely did not act like someone who may possibly have a Lego tire stuck in his body somewhere.

The technician told me to have him suck in air and hold his breath so they could get a good picture of the digestive system. I looked at him & attempted to hold back my laughter. Did he know who I was dealing with? The technician smiled and asked me to try my best.

Me: Ridge suck in like a straw & hold it!
Ridge: I can't mommy, I just can't
Me: Can you try?
Ridge: no

For the chest x-ray, I was told to have him blow all the air out & hold it. It went just about the same. Somehow they managed to get their pictures. I think I'm supposed to find out tomorrow if they saw anything. They did tell me that he is full of gas. Unfortunately, I knew that already.

Theology Lesson by Ridge

A couple of weeks ago, I was talking to my friend and discussing the goodness of God. Anyway, Ridge came in, asked us what we were talking about, and then gave his explanation.

"Dere a good guy, a bad guy, and a monster. And da dinosaur ate them."

And then he ran off to play. :)

Norton Elementary Fun Run

Cobb's school, Norton Elementary, did the best fund raiser! It was called Boosterthon, and the kids raised money by getting pledges/lap they ran. There was a pep rally to start the whole week of events and they learned a character lesson every day. They also won prizes when they got a certain # of pledges.

The last day they ran their laps. Charly, Ridge & I made posters to cheer Cobb on.

He ran 35 laps! He totally shocked me in how much he ran & how fast he ran them. He was done with his 35 laps before the end. We think he ended up doing 4-6 more, but only 35 count. He was so fast, I barely got any good pictures. Pops helped, and we ended up with a few.

Volunteers marked their backs after each lap.

After a water break & with the principal in a Suma wrestler costume behind him. I think the principals wore those costumes all day long because they were still in them when I picked Cobb up from school.

Walking the final lap with the families:

And getting ready to go back to class exhausted.

Thanks to everyone who sponsored him and helping his first fund raising experience to be a success!

I did take video, but can't figure out how to do that right now. Will see if I can get the video up by this evening. :)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Charly & Her Bike Rides

Charly & I have had a lot of one on one time together in the last two days. She has been cracking me up. Yesterday we went to a bike birthday party for one of her friends & she decided that she wanted to ride her bike all the way home. So, I drove beside her with my hazards on the whole way.

She kept saying, "Ok, let's get this bike rockin & rollin" and "here we go mom! Vroom, vroom."

And today we went to a baby shower for a friend of mine. Charly was so talkative, loved the presents, but especially the food. She kept going back for banana bread & sausage. Then after the shower, Charly & I went for another bike ride. This time I wasn't the lazy mom in the car, but ran along with her and Mulligan. After a while, we started stopping every time she saw little flowers in the grass (about every few yards). We picked flowers, collected acorns, and rocks, all to make a craft when we got home. Here she is being goofy on our bike ride/scavenger hunt. . .

Yes, she does have practically the same outfit on both days. Charly is a creature of habit! She's got her favs.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Cobb Lost His First Tooth!

Yesterday, I picked Cobb up from up from school, and he was so excited to tell me that he lost his tooth! His very first one! His sweet teacher gave him the Lost Tooth Bag with a book about losing a tooth and a journal for him to write in. Plus she put stickers all along the neckline of his shirt.

She put his tooth in this tiny green treasure chest.

He was so so proud. He thanked me profusely for giving him an apple for lunch because when he bit into it, the tooth fell out. Here's a picture of what he wrote in the journal for school.

It's hard to read, but it says, "I bite my apple. I was happy." His spelling is "I bite my Apl. I wus hope." And he drew an apple at the top.

At soccer practice that evening, his friend Keeten lost his first tooth (the same tooth!). They had fun comparing on the field, and I chatted with his parents about what we thought the tooth fairy would bring. Funny that the men had the same idea & the women thought a little less. But Cobb woke up this morning with a dollar bill under his pillow! He was so excited.

"Da Tire in my Tummy!"

So, I'm downstairs. I hear Cobb say, "Ridge, what are you eating!" Then I hear immediate gagging. I am already running up the stairs to their room.
Cobb: Mom! Ridge just ate a ball!
Me: What ball? ( slightly panicked, but trying not to show it)
Cobb: This one! (he holds up a heavy silver marble sized ball that goes with one of his games)
Me: (turning to Ridge) You ate one of these balls? (again trying not to show worry or concern)
Ridge: No I not! I ate a tire! My tummy hurts.
Me: You ate a tire?
Ridge: Yeah. It down my throat. Da tire in my tummy. I can't see it (he's holding up his shirt looking at his tummy)
Me: Cobb, do you know what he's talking about?
Ridge: I know, dere de oder one! (he points to a 3/4 cm thick rubber lego wheel with tred that was 3/4" diameter)
Me: And it went in your tummy?
Ridge: Yep!
Me: Are you ok?
Ridge: Yep. I thirsty.

Here's a picture of "the other tire" next to a penny.

So you guessed it, I called the doctor. The nurse told me to give him water & if that went down to feed him some cracker to see if that went down. Not only did he pass both tests, but he was extremely loud with his brother playing chase then light sabers, then wrestling all while I was trying to talk to the Nurse & hear her instrucrtions.

For the next 4 days I've got to search his poop for the tire. FUN! I'm excited about that one, can you tell? And if we don't find it, then we'll have to do an x-ray on Monday. Hopefully, I'll find the tire tomorrow morning.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

I keep thinking

I've got to sit down & blog, and my husband(my #1 reader) keeps asking me when I'm going to update the blog. So here's a run down of our recent activity. . .

We finally started our soccer season. The rain has made us reschedule most of our games. I have pics, and I'll share that in another blog post.

We are currently working on having the kids sing another suprise song for the camera (requested by Selah Butler). Stay tuned for that. . .

This past Monday Rob got to talk to some students at a school in Lucas about his career, how he got started, and why he does what he does. It was fun for me to see my awesome hubby give that talk. He has a great passion for the Lord, and that was loud and clear.

Cute pic of Ridge and his cousin Bo from when there was a garage sale at Nana's house:

We decided to go with the star wars theme for Halloween costumes this year so here's a possible option for Ridge (but he really wants Yoda).

I love living so close to our school because we walk, Mulligan goes with us, and we can stop and enjoy this pond:

Cobb has been getting pledges for his Boosterthon Fun Run where he earns money for his school. He is getting pledges per lap & this is our last night to get them. So far he's done great. Here he is showing off his prizes thus far.

He runs tomorrow so I'll post more about it then.

And here's a picture that is outside Cobb's Kn classroom that he drew of his family.

He labels everyone "Chaie," "Rij," "Cobb," "Rob," and "Mom." Not sure why I was "mom" and Rob was "Rob." I thought it was cute.

That's all folks!