Monday, October 12, 2009

Norton Elementary Fun Run

Cobb's school, Norton Elementary, did the best fund raiser! It was called Boosterthon, and the kids raised money by getting pledges/lap they ran. There was a pep rally to start the whole week of events and they learned a character lesson every day. They also won prizes when they got a certain # of pledges.

The last day they ran their laps. Charly, Ridge & I made posters to cheer Cobb on.

He ran 35 laps! He totally shocked me in how much he ran & how fast he ran them. He was done with his 35 laps before the end. We think he ended up doing 4-6 more, but only 35 count. He was so fast, I barely got any good pictures. Pops helped, and we ended up with a few.

Volunteers marked their backs after each lap.

After a water break & with the principal in a Suma wrestler costume behind him. I think the principals wore those costumes all day long because they were still in them when I picked Cobb up from school.

Walking the final lap with the families:

And getting ready to go back to class exhausted.

Thanks to everyone who sponsored him and helping his first fund raising experience to be a success!

I did take video, but can't figure out how to do that right now. Will see if I can get the video up by this evening. :)

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