Thursday, October 15, 2009

Why was my phone there??

Of all places!!! Of all days!!!

I'm in the process of cleaning out. I'm in a time crunch because we are having a garage sale tomorrow! yes, tomorrow! I worked hard to clean out the drawers & the closet of the guest room (all Ridge's stuff) so I can put Ridge down for his nap in there. His naptime would allow me to get stuff done in the playroom & the other kids rooms before picking up Charly at school (he's a good napper). About 45 minutes later, I start searching for my phone to text Rob. I call it twice, but I still can't hear it. I venture upstairs to see if it might be hidden up there somewhere before I give up. I hear it faintly & call a 4th time. Horrified, I realize it is coming from the room where Ridge is thankfully still sleeping. I sneak in, look everywhere. It's not on the dresser, under the bed, on the bed, near the bed, in the closet or bathroom. But I know I heard it in that room! I decide to look again later, and smile down at my "sleeping" Ridge. Right then his eyes pop open, he smiles, and I see it. A tiny edge of my phone is peaking out from underneath him. He is sleeping on it! How did that happen? I have no idea. But now Ridge is awake and needing me. He's sitting with me now as I type. My ounce of time to clean out is gone. oh well. Stinkin phone! GRRRRRRR

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