Thursday, October 08, 2009

I keep thinking

I've got to sit down & blog, and my husband(my #1 reader) keeps asking me when I'm going to update the blog. So here's a run down of our recent activity. . .

We finally started our soccer season. The rain has made us reschedule most of our games. I have pics, and I'll share that in another blog post.

We are currently working on having the kids sing another suprise song for the camera (requested by Selah Butler). Stay tuned for that. . .

This past Monday Rob got to talk to some students at a school in Lucas about his career, how he got started, and why he does what he does. It was fun for me to see my awesome hubby give that talk. He has a great passion for the Lord, and that was loud and clear.

Cute pic of Ridge and his cousin Bo from when there was a garage sale at Nana's house:

We decided to go with the star wars theme for Halloween costumes this year so here's a possible option for Ridge (but he really wants Yoda).

I love living so close to our school because we walk, Mulligan goes with us, and we can stop and enjoy this pond:

Cobb has been getting pledges for his Boosterthon Fun Run where he earns money for his school. He is getting pledges per lap & this is our last night to get them. So far he's done great. Here he is showing off his prizes thus far.

He runs tomorrow so I'll post more about it then.

And here's a picture that is outside Cobb's Kn classroom that he drew of his family.

He labels everyone "Chaie," "Rij," "Cobb," "Rob," and "Mom." Not sure why I was "mom" and Rob was "Rob." I thought it was cute.

That's all folks!


Brandy Butler said...

Looking forward to it! Glad to see you blogging again(says the girl whose last blog post was in July)

Suzanne said...

yep, good to read what y'all have been up to :)

Stacey said...

Love the drawing! It's a keeper!