Monday, October 12, 2009

Tire is still MIA

So we had to get an x-ray today even though mommy & daddy have been faithful to diligently inspect many poops on Friday and over the weekend. We first visited the doctor's office, and then they sent us over to the hospital to check in with radiology. Ridge charmed everyone we met, and he definitely did not act like someone who may possibly have a Lego tire stuck in his body somewhere.

The technician told me to have him suck in air and hold his breath so they could get a good picture of the digestive system. I looked at him & attempted to hold back my laughter. Did he know who I was dealing with? The technician smiled and asked me to try my best.

Me: Ridge suck in like a straw & hold it!
Ridge: I can't mommy, I just can't
Me: Can you try?
Ridge: no

For the chest x-ray, I was told to have him blow all the air out & hold it. It went just about the same. Somehow they managed to get their pictures. I think I'm supposed to find out tomorrow if they saw anything. They did tell me that he is full of gas. Unfortunately, I knew that already.

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