Sunday, October 11, 2009

Charly & Her Bike Rides

Charly & I have had a lot of one on one time together in the last two days. She has been cracking me up. Yesterday we went to a bike birthday party for one of her friends & she decided that she wanted to ride her bike all the way home. So, I drove beside her with my hazards on the whole way.

She kept saying, "Ok, let's get this bike rockin & rollin" and "here we go mom! Vroom, vroom."

And today we went to a baby shower for a friend of mine. Charly was so talkative, loved the presents, but especially the food. She kept going back for banana bread & sausage. Then after the shower, Charly & I went for another bike ride. This time I wasn't the lazy mom in the car, but ran along with her and Mulligan. After a while, we started stopping every time she saw little flowers in the grass (about every few yards). We picked flowers, collected acorns, and rocks, all to make a craft when we got home. Here she is being goofy on our bike ride/scavenger hunt. . .

Yes, she does have practically the same outfit on both days. Charly is a creature of habit! She's got her favs.

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