Friday, October 09, 2009

"Da Tire in my Tummy!"

So, I'm downstairs. I hear Cobb say, "Ridge, what are you eating!" Then I hear immediate gagging. I am already running up the stairs to their room.
Cobb: Mom! Ridge just ate a ball!
Me: What ball? ( slightly panicked, but trying not to show it)
Cobb: This one! (he holds up a heavy silver marble sized ball that goes with one of his games)
Me: (turning to Ridge) You ate one of these balls? (again trying not to show worry or concern)
Ridge: No I not! I ate a tire! My tummy hurts.
Me: You ate a tire?
Ridge: Yeah. It down my throat. Da tire in my tummy. I can't see it (he's holding up his shirt looking at his tummy)
Me: Cobb, do you know what he's talking about?
Ridge: I know, dere de oder one! (he points to a 3/4 cm thick rubber lego wheel with tred that was 3/4" diameter)
Me: And it went in your tummy?
Ridge: Yep!
Me: Are you ok?
Ridge: Yep. I thirsty.

Here's a picture of "the other tire" next to a penny.

So you guessed it, I called the doctor. The nurse told me to give him water & if that went down to feed him some cracker to see if that went down. Not only did he pass both tests, but he was extremely loud with his brother playing chase then light sabers, then wrestling all while I was trying to talk to the Nurse & hear her instrucrtions.

For the next 4 days I've got to search his poop for the tire. FUN! I'm excited about that one, can you tell? And if we don't find it, then we'll have to do an x-ray on Monday. Hopefully, I'll find the tire tomorrow morning.


Jessica said...

Niiiiice! Can't wait to hear Rob's commentary on that one...maybe he'll find the tire. :)

Maybe alot of bran & water today would speed things along.

Glad he's ok, that cutie.

Caroline Cobb said...

ha ha! that's hilarious, haley. :)

Stacey said...

Oh, sorry about the poop search requirement. No fun.

Hope everything comes out all right in the end! (har har, I couldn't stop myself)

Anonymous said...

When Kamalyn swallowed a penny it took 3 weeks to come out. They wouldn't x-ray for 10 days! So we had to search poop for 10 days! It was still in there when they did the x-ray...I was beginning to think she had just made up the story of swallowing it. Has it come out yet?
Ruth Ann