Friday, October 09, 2009

Cobb Lost His First Tooth!

Yesterday, I picked Cobb up from up from school, and he was so excited to tell me that he lost his tooth! His very first one! His sweet teacher gave him the Lost Tooth Bag with a book about losing a tooth and a journal for him to write in. Plus she put stickers all along the neckline of his shirt.

She put his tooth in this tiny green treasure chest.

He was so so proud. He thanked me profusely for giving him an apple for lunch because when he bit into it, the tooth fell out. Here's a picture of what he wrote in the journal for school.

It's hard to read, but it says, "I bite my apple. I was happy." His spelling is "I bite my Apl. I wus hope." And he drew an apple at the top.

At soccer practice that evening, his friend Keeten lost his first tooth (the same tooth!). They had fun comparing on the field, and I chatted with his parents about what we thought the tooth fairy would bring. Funny that the men had the same idea & the women thought a little less. But Cobb woke up this morning with a dollar bill under his pillow! He was so excited.


Miss Laura said...

Oh my gosh! I love seeing Cobb with a window in his face!! Please tell him how happy I am for him. Loved the Lost Tooth bag (I'm gonna copy that because I have that book!) and please tell him how PROUD I am of that writing in the book!! Wow!

Suzanne said...

Congrats Cobb on your one less tooth. Did we find the tire yet? Curious minds want to know!