Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Fun at the Lake with the Fifers!

Rob, Cobb, and Charly got to go to the Bowlin lakehouse to hang out with the Fifers on New Years Eve while the sickies and I stayed home.     Here's a little video that Rob edited from their time together.  

New Years Eve 2011 from Rob Thomas on Vimeo.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Conversations with Ridge: Are you an Elf?

Well, our New Years started off with a bang yesterday with a broken dishwasher, high fevers, strep throat, and "hand, foot, and mouth" virus. But my sickie Ridge made it all better with his hilarious chatter and sense of humor. Here's a few:

We went to Acute Kid Care yesterday to get Ridge tested for strep.

Doc: Hi there! Ridge, what seems to be going on today?
Ridge: My tongue hurts when I eat.
Doc: I'm going to look and see, is that ok?
Ridge: No. That thing chokes. I don't like it. (tongue depressor)
Doc: Okay, well just open real wide, and I won't use it.
Doc: Okay, it looks like strep.
Ridge: Oh man, seriously???
Doc: Yes, and your lymph nodes are like marbles.
Ridge: No I have those down with my penis.

There's an uncomfortable pause. Then the doctor and I start laughing out loud. 

Ridge: What? It's true. Seriously!
Me: You're right Ridge.

The doctor starts telling me how we are going to treat the strep. Ridge keeps staring at the doctor, and then. . .

Ridge: You have pointy ears.
Doc: Oh. (laughing)
Ridge: Are you an elf?
Doc: Well, no, but that's funny b/c I always tease my wife for having big ears, and she teases me for having small ears.
Ridge: Your ears aren't small, they're pointy.
Doc: I really can't wait to tell my wife all that you've said today! Is that okay? (starting to walk out)
Ridge: yea, sure. Maybe you are too tall to be an elf. But Buddy is tall, right mom?

In the car on the way home, Ridge talks with a constant chatter.

Ridge: HALEY!!
Me: Oh, are you talking to me Ridge? .
Ridge: Yes, I've BEEN talking to you.
Me: I'm sorry babe. It's hard to hear you way back there.
Ridge: Sorry mom, I just really like to talk.

Here's one of my favorite clips that often remind me of Ridge: