Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ridge's Coffee interest

Ridge: Mommy that your coffee?
Me: Well, It's my tea.
Ridge: Oh, you teaf. I fy it? (try it)
Me: No, honey, I don't want you to try it.
Ridge: Why? I need fy it!
Me: It's too hot for you Ridge
Ridge: Oh, I bo it?
Me: It's not too hot for me babe. Just for you.
Ridge: I bo it for you! I need bo it!
Me: (hesitantly I agree knowing his "blowing" is not necessarily spit free) Okay. . .
Ridge generously blows into my tea then looks to me for approval
Me: Thank you Ridge
Ridge: That better?
Me: Yes
I set the cup down thinking that I would just fix myself another one
Ridge: Okay, you drink it now.

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