Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Igniter on Oprah!

"99 Balloons" was shown on Oprah, and Matt & Ginny Mooney appeared via Skype. Click here to see the video on Oprah.com. During the episode, they cut the video down to 4 minutes, but on the website they show the whole thing(6 min.). Oprah saw it for the first time when it was aired on her show. Her reaction:

We are so excited that this amazing story can touch such a large audience. And we are even more excited that some may possibly be touched by Christ's unconditional love no matter what the circumstance.


chrys said...

oh, was it amazing or what???

i had seen the video numerous times and was still a blubbering mess just like oprah & celine. it was such a precious testimony of hope and a celebration of life. i'm so thankful that millions more will be touched by it thru seeing it on oprah. rob did such a fabulous job.

and i'm stoked that ginny is pregnant!


Christy@pipandsqueak said...

I am a friend of Chrys'. Every time I see the video I am a blubbering mess. I could not watch it while it was playing on Oprah because I did not want to weep. It was a great show.

SarahFifer said...

So wish we had known it was on! I'm not an Oprah tivo-er anymore! So happy it was shown.