Monday, October 20, 2008

"Water The Plants, Water Me"

Tonight Charly & I went out to water the trees and the plants. She had her little watering can, and I had the hose. Well, she got a little wet, but thankfully made the most of it. She decided to water the plants AND herself. She took the hose, sprayed it on the plants, and then turned it towards her, to the plants, then herself, and so on. As she went she chanted, "Water the plants, water me, water the plants, water me . . ." She was soaked head to toe and laughing out loud. You know that big belly laugh that makes everyone around start laughing too? Rob & Ridge came out to see. Ridge (in a diaper only) started running back and forth through all the puddles that Charly had created, and Charly continued with the hose. Rob and I just sat back & laughed with our funny little girl.

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Happy Zoo Keeper said...

So sweet, what a great memory to cherish!