Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pom Fan

I was in the grocery store the other day, and I saw this strange fruit. I was unsure of what it was, but saw this handy little pamphlet next to them.

I had heard that Pomegranates had a lot of antioxidants & other good stuff so I decided to give them a try. So after trying them today...I have decided I am a BIG pomegranate fan. Here's why:

1. It's fun to open. The kids thought it was really cool looking inside. The white membrane around the seeds reminds me of a bee hive. So we talked a little about the bees we had seen at the Heard Museum. And the seeds fall out easily.

To open, you cut the top off with a sharp paring knife about 1/2 inch below the crown. Then you score the skin where you see the sections (like an orange). Pull the sections apart & loosen the seeds into a bowl of water. The seeds sink & the white membrane floats. So after you are done, scoop the membrane off the top of the water & then pour the rest in a strainer. All you are left with is the seeds!

2. It's really good for you. According to my handy little pamphlet, pomegranates are rich in antioxidants and also full of Vitamin C and Vitamin K.

3. The seeds are really good, and the kids like them. The seeds are firm, but full of juice inside. They are shaped like popcorn seeds, and the kids just ate them out of a cup. It wasn't messy, even for Ridge. They are kind of like m&m's. . . melt in your mouth, not in your hands. And when you bite down on them, it's like the gusher gum. . . the juice squirts into your mouth. Pretty cool. The juice is sweet & tart.

4. There are a variety of uses. Eat them plain, in a salad, as a garnish for a main dish, or in yogurt/oatmeal.

I do have a few pomegranate stains on my shirt from when I opened the fruit. I accidentally popped a few seeds while trying to quicken my pace. I'll let you know if the stains come out (or I might forget, so ask me if you are curious). I bought mine at Kroger. Give it a try!

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ab said...

I can't believe you'd never had a pomegranate... wow.