Friday, October 10, 2008


This morning while Ridge played at Bennett's house, Cobb, Charly & I went to the Heard Museum to see the dinosaurs. We met the Dishmans and the Walkers there. The dinosaur exhibit is fascinating! It was so nice to be outside in the beautiful weather, and very cool to see these huge dinosaurs roar. The kids loved it. If you get the chance, I highly recommend you go. Click Here for the website. Here's Cobb riding on a baby t-rex. I'm pretty sure he wasn't supposed to climb up there, but since he was there already, I took the pic. . . then immediately asked him to get off. :) How's that for discipline??

Here's Charly on the dinosaur we were allowed to climb. And yes, that is Cobb climbing on the tail.

Here's some group shots of all the kids with different dinosaurs.

The T-rex was truly my fav! He was huge! And he lifted his head then brought it back down as he roared. OOHHH scary! Loved it.

Charly's favorite was the dinosaur that spit at you. He was really cool.

Here's Charly and Liza after lunch. Liza climbed up on the dinosaur with a mouth full, and Charly's doing her typical sniff face.

After the dinosaurs and eating our picnic lunch, we headed inside to look at the snakes. I have never heard a rattle snake before, but definitely heard that rattle when the staff guy started feeding the snakes little white mice. The boys were fascinated with the process of the snakes biting their victims then swallowing them whole. The snakes that don't have the venomous bite actually constrict their prey by coiling around them tightly. Then they are able to swallow them whole. To all the weak stomachs out there, I'm sorry for the details. But I think I was just as fascinated as the boys were. It was amazing even though I was sad for the little mice.

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