Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Rocket Park

Today we went to this new park that we like to call the Rocket Park.

This was taken from the top:

Yes, I know, it's high! But it's safely built.

Do you see Ridge below?

Yes, that's him climbing to the top. I took the picture then ran up to him. He was fine & didn't need me (so he thought). But I knew better. . .

Will Bozeman (my sister's nephew) was climbing ahead of him.

This is at the top in the cockpit of the rocket:

This is R and Keeley Bozeman (my sister's niece) swinging.

And R driving the twin flyer. . .

Anytime anyone wants to go there and play, we're ready! We loved it. Lots of climbing for C & Ch, and plenty to keep little R busy.

When we got home we had a surprise package from Mimi & Papeaux full of Halloween goodies! Thanks Mom & Dad.

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Caroline said...

there you go hanging out with the bozemans again without us :) we miss y'all!