Monday, October 20, 2008

Halloween Party and Other Allen Activities

We've been busy up here in A-town. Lots of activities to update you on, and I have neglected my poor blog. So here it goes. . .

This afternoon we went to a neighborhood Halloween party. All three kids loved it. Robin enjoyed climbing trees, Batman ate a ton and sang his song ("Na, na, na, na. . . Ba Ma!"), and Ariel hung out with her friend Dorothy (A.K.A. Bella).

Saturday we had a full day. Rob took the kids to a make-up gymnastics class(they normally go Monday afternoons). They both have really enjoyed their gymnastics classes. As you can see, they are all smiles, especially since Daddy was watching.

Then after gymnastics we headed to a soccer game.

Cobb loved having Uncle Kyle, Lainey & Rhody on his cheering squad!

When the game was over, we headed on to a birthday party. Crazy fun day.

The previous soccer game (10/4), the Cullers(Rob's sister & fam) & Pops came to the game, but I didn't get a picture. My camera battery was dead. :( Cobb was so excited, and kept looking at Brock(his cousin) when he kicked the ball. It's so cute to see how Cobb looks up to his older cousin.

Charly has taken up painting outside. She loves it. And she has now begun to teach Ridge. Such a sweet sis.

And we have officially hosted our first baby shower in our home for our sweet friends Marc & Trisha Matthews. They are going to be such incredible parents. I know that because I have watched them love on our kids as they have shared life with us in Allen. We will miss them when they move!!

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