Thursday, October 23, 2008

Messy Fun

This afternoon we headed to Watermark's playground to play with the Fifers. Lots of climbing. Those kids love the big climbing rocks! Even our little girls Charly & KK.

As we were leaving, the Butlers were arriving. So we decided to stay and play a little longer. We were tired, hungry, and DIRTY by the time we left. The black rubber always wears off onto their feet and hands. So of course why not add to that mess with a little Chili for dinner?

And then we added these adorable black cat cookies that our across the street neighbor brought over. YUM!

See the black tongues??

Sweaty heads, Black tongues, chili filled shirts, and black feet marched upstairs and into the bathtub. AHHHHH the sweet smell of kiddos!


Brandy said...

Selah cried when ya'll left- she said "but Charly is my best friend!"- so sweet! SO glad we got to play with you guys today!

goooooood girl said...
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