Friday, October 31, 2008

Timmy the Pumpkin

Well, we carved our pumpkin last night! The kids had fun opening it, and cleaning it out. We separated the "guts" and the seeds. After a little bit, Charly went inside to get some wipes so we could have a "cleaning station." We roasted the seeds, and I'm looking for a recipe to use our pumpkin "guts." This could be a possibility and, this site has some pumpkin seed recipes.

After Ridge went to bed (he turned into a little grump at 6:30), Daddy drew some different faces on paper for the big kids to choose. Then they carved it together.

The kids were so proud! They named it Timmy. And Daddy has a special "Timmy Dance" that the kids are still talking about this morning. Maybe we can get that on video?? What do you think?

See how it glows!

Cobb wanted to light it again this morning at 6 a.m. After lighting it, he blew it out right away. He just wanted to show me "how cool" it was.

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