Saturday, October 25, 2008

Soccer, Candy, & Gutters

Saturdays have become about soccer lately. Cobb did great this morning, and he was very "tuned-in" to the game. Maybe it was because we played first thing in the morning at 9 a.m. But he had a great time because when asked what his "high" was today at dinner, he said soccer. (Ridge did too).

Ridge was a mamma's boy at the game.

And Charly spent most of her time in the stroller.

When we got home, the kids changed into their costumes. We headed to lifetime for our second halloween party. Batman fell asleep in the car on the way.

But that didn't stop him from participating in the fun!

Ridge told everyone he saw, "I ba man!" He was thrilled to see a real live batman!

My kids were definitely on sugar highs when we got home, but that didn't stop me from allowing them to have more. hmmm? bad mom?
They just were SO excited about it. Remember the Fun Dip? R & Ch enjoyed some together outside on this beautiful day.

And we ended the day at Lowes. We went to buy gutters so I can create some book shelves on my playroom wall.

Yes, I did say gutters. Plastic gutters as a matter of fact. I was inspired by Stacey who was inspired by the Small Notebook blog. Here's Stacey with the little guys. Jeff is in NYC with Rob so Stacey has spent the night over at our house the last two nights. It's been fun!

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