Friday, October 31, 2008

On the way to go vote:

Charly: Mommy, I'm a girl. Can girls vote?
Me: Yes, girls can vote. Some women fought very hard to be able to do that, and now we can do it easily.
Charly: So can I vote?
Me: No, you have to be 18, but you can help me vote.
Ridge: I vote
Me: No, baby, you have to be 18.
Cobb: But you aren't 18 Mom
Me: No, but you have to be over 18. I'm 35 so I am over 18.
Cobb: Mom, you aren't 35. You are 36!
(Is it a bad sign that my 5 year old knows my age better than I do??)


Lisa Lovell said...

Too cute!

Ashley Phillips said...

That is so FUNNY! Made me laugh out loud!

Caroline said...

that's hilarious! nick and i were both laughing :)