Thursday, October 30, 2008

Spider Hats

We made spider hats today. Cobb's class made them for their Fall party, but Cobb was sick today. So we made them at home instead.

Charly watched Cobb and I make his, and she did the eyes and legs all by herself. Crafty girl!!

The below instructions are directly quoted from Click on their site for lots of fun ideas.


You will need:

Black and orange construction paper

Cut eight strips of black paper 1 1/2" x 9" 2. Cut one strip of black paper 2" x 22" (you could substitute two 11" pieces glued together).

Using the picture as a guide, cut the following:

2 Large black circles
2 Medium orange circles
2 Small black circles

Glue orange circle to edge of large black circle. Glue small black circle to edge of orange circle.

Measure the 22" piece around child's head, overlap and glue ends together. Glue the eyes to the hat band with black eyes touching as shown. Fold the leg strips in half. Fold one end of each leg strip back 1". Glue the straight end to the inside edge of the hat band.

Fold and glue the remaining legs. You will have four legs on each side of your hat as shown.


Stacey said...

SO CUTE! Way to go, crafty momma.

I hope everyone is feeling a-ok at your house this afternoon!

Amanda said...

Hi This is Amanda from! Just wanted to say how CUTE these came out, so glad you liked the craft! :) Cutie kidlets!

lindsay said...

those are so cute!!!