Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Eye Doctor

Here's a picture of the kids at Cobb's eye appointment. We were waiting for his eyes to dilate so I think things were getting a bit fuzzy for him.

The result? Well, he has astigmatism in both eyes to about the same degree. The good news is that it is supposedly not bad enough to affect his vision. So at this point in time, he will not need glasses.

On a different note, Charly has been letting me braid her hair more as you can see in the picture above. Below is a picture more focused on the braid. Isn't she cute!


Stacey said...

So glad Cobb's not going to need glasses! Your mommy instinct was right on.

And the Charly-girl looks absolutely precious in her braids! If we have a girl you'll have to teach me to do that!

Les said...

Elizabeth keeps getting the same diagnosis...she's been having to go since she was 6 months. The visits are so long. They made us take Laney at 12 months and she was ok for now I guess. I guess the good news still is no glasses yet. I just can't imagine teaching a 3 y/o how to care for glasses, but I suppose it's been done.

Charly is absolutely adorable. I'm keeping Lizbeth's short for awhile. It suits her. Maybe some day Laney's hair will grow :)

Have a great day girl!

Howell Fam said...

So thankful that Cobb's doesn't need glasses. Precious kiddos!

Blair said...

Tell him that's the same condition his Uncle B has in both eyes.

I'm sure that'll make him think it's really cool.

the bowlin family said...

so glad cobby doesn't have to get glasses, but he would be the cutest ever if he did need them.

charly's hair is precious. i need lessons!! are you offering any??

Missy said...

I just want to go on record saying that you are doing an awesome job Haley--charly's braids look great! I mean, you are an awesome Mom as well but in this post I was referring to the braids!

You have had two requests for "hair help"--maybe we could go into business together!

lindsay said...

great news for Cobb and such sweet little braids!

Hey can you tell me what pediatrician you use and if you like him/her. I gotta find one ;o)