Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Conversations with Ridge(cont. . .)

Yesterday morning:

Rob:  Ridge, your mommy is talented (said as he is walking out of the room, and after I did something like the typical mom muti-tasking)

Ridge: Uh mom, you are a little talented, but Daddy is more talented I think.

Me:  I think you are right Ridge.

Ridge:  Yea.   It's just that he does so much for us.   You do a little though mom.  You do.  You really do.    

This morning:

Ridge:   Mommy, I think Tribb might be even more handsome than me.  

Me:  Why do you say that?   I think all three of my boys are handsome.

Ridge:   Well, you know, he just looks handsome.   See??     Take a picture of us.


switching gears. . .  I think I'm going to have a media guy on my hands b/c Ridge is constantly asking me to video him.    Here's an example:

Ridge:  video me doing this!

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