Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What Were You Thinking?

I've slacked, but now I've just got to come back. There are WAY too many entries for the "What Were You Thinking" blog series. Here it goes:

1)Why Ridge? Just not sure of the purpose behind this one:

Can you see the actual toilet paper holder in the trash?

2)Last week, Charly and Ridge asked if they could have a root beer. I said, "Sure, but please split it by using cups." They did, and I thought all was fine. I was actually gooshing inside with pride at my well behaved and good mannered children. And then I found them in the garage standing on either side of Cobb's bike taking turns pouring root beer on the back wheel and spinning it. How fun to see where the root beer splatters! But truly, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??

3) Ridge only has one pair of tennis shoes. Yes, I know what you are thinking. . . buy him another pair! I will for sure, but in the meantime. . . We were running out the door to take Ridge to school last week. All are in the car, bags packed, seat belts buckled, and I look down at Ridge's bare feet. "Ridge, where are your shoes?" "Oh, I forgot" was the reply I got. "Ridge, go get your shoes and fast!" We run inside, look forever, only to find his muddy shoes from camping (I had forgotten to clean them). So we decide we are going to break school rules and send him in crocks, but we could only find one of each pair. Another 5 minutes of frantic searching reveals one lone crock under his bed. Finally, off to school. SO. . . I wash the tennis shoes to have them ready for Thursday. Wednesday afternoon, Ridge puts on his tennis shoes, goes out to the woods behind our house, and jumps in the biggest mud puddle he could find. Really?? WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?

4)Frequent occurance: Ridge is using the bathroom. He hears something, but he's not quite done. This doesn't stop him from turning his whole body to look. You can imagine the result. . . WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?

5)Tribb is lying on the floor happily playing. I look over to see my sweet four your old slinking over his baby brother until he is practically sitting on T's face. "Ridge, buddy! Don't sit on your brother's face! He doesn't like that." But as Ridge gets off his brother, Tribb starts laughing and smiling. Hmmmm I guess you knew what you were thinking! Just don't do it again.

Don't worry. . . I've got more.

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