Thursday, December 08, 2011

Conversations with Ridge: I Just Want a Wife

Conversations with my sweet boy Ridge.

This morning as we were getting ready for school:

R: I’m so excited about my christmas program today.

Me: I am too. I’m sure you are going to sing so pretty!

R: You might see a girl and think she is really pretty.

Me: Oh there’s a girl that’s really pretty in your class?

R: Yes, her name is Jocelyn. She’s really pretty. She’s five, and I’m only four. But she’s in my class. She sometimes needs her mom to help her with her clothes. She has buttons that are hard to do. I have buttons, and I can do them.

Me: Yes you can. You’ll have to point Jocelyn out to me today so I know who she is.

R: If she’s next to me I might be shy. (dramatic pause ending with a sigh) Mom, do you think I could be her boyfriend when I grow up?

Me: Um. . .maybe

R: She’s really pretty. I’ll have to dress really handsome. You know, I just want to have a wife later.

Me: When you are much older, you will be a great husband like your daddy.

R: Yea. I am real handsome.

Later we got in the car, and I’m backing out the driveway. . .

R: Um, mom?

Me: yes?

R: I think we have a problem

Me: Oh really? What’s that?

R: Well, I don’t have my coat on, and I can’t get it on because I’m unbuckled (meaning buckled).

Me: That’s okay. You can put it on when we get out of the car at school.

R: Okay, but Mom??

Me: Yes?

R: Can we make sure that I have it on so no one will see my handsome clothes? I want to walk into class then take my coat off and surprise everyone with my handsome clothes. They might all fall down because I’m so handsome.

Me: They just might Ridge. They just might.

Throughout the Christmas program, Ridge sang while remaining quite serious. He focused on his teachers the whole time. Afterwards we went to Five Guys for lunch with the Parkers, and he was talking to his daddy. . .

R: Daddy? You know Mrs. Bartolone?

Daddy: Yes. She’s your teacher.

R: How come you don’t have her as a wife?

I’ve been told Ridge might have a slight crush on his teacher so my feelings aren’t too hurt. I know he loves his mama, but it appears he’d like Mrs. Bartolone to join the family as well!

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Brian Gallimore said...

priceless! ...and too funny